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16 Small Pools for Small Patios

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Having a small house doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy your equally small outdoor area, in fact this is all the more reason to create a fun and attractive patio or courtyard. In this Ideabook, we have a look at the possibilities of creating a gorgeous small patio with a small pool for those hot summer days. A romantic and attractive patio filled with style and comfort is within reach, but let’s take a closer look at this inspirational ideas.

1. Why have a pool at home?

pool is a great way to draw attention to the outdoors of your small home. Pools are attractive, a great investment and have many health benefits, while being decorative too.

2. Harmony of space

If you have decided to install a pool in your garden or terrace, then consider a style and design that goes well with your décor, this means paying close attention to the plants and furniture that are featured in your outdoor style.

3. Unobstructed

The pool should be located in a spot that gets enough sunshine and is also away from the shadow of the house, it is also worthwhile setting up the pool in an area that is not close to any trees, as falling leaves might end up dirtying the pool.

4. Minimalism

Consider an uncluttered backyard for your pool area, the less furniture and items in your garden area, the more simple and balanced it will look.

5. A rooftop pool

Have you ever had that desire to feel like you are on top of the world? Well, a rooftop pool is just the thing to fulfil that need! However, it is very important to ensure that the area around the pool is secure in every way, from a non-slip material to prevent slips and maintaining the cleanliness of the pool.

6. Simple

There are variety of designs, styles and size choices available for the modern pool, but it is imperative to consider an option that will suit your own backyard. Rectangular and circular pools are two most common options for the modern home.

7. Interior? Exterior?

The location of the pool is just as important to consider. Inside or outside? There are pros and cons to each decision to it is best to think about what would suit your lifestyle and surroundings before beginning with any work. A breathtaking view such as this would definitely be a pro!

8. Lofty terrace

Where is your terrace located? If it perhaps on the rooftop of your home, then you may want to consider the advice of a professional before going through with any construction. There are calculations and considerations that need to be made before beginning with the installation of a pool in this case.

​9. Variety of materials

Different materials can have an effect on the atmosphere of the space, and wood is one of the most popular building materials for outdoors spaces, creating a comfortable floor, perfect pergolas, decadent deck or even fascinating furniture. It’s elegant, natural and great for an amazing atmosphere.

10. Plants

Including plants in your décor is an essential for any environment, especially when decorating the outdoors. There are many ways to add a stylish and pleasant ambiance filled with colour and enriching splendour to your terrace. Consider some gorgeous and vibrant flowers for that touch of perfection.

11. Attractive elements

Creating an attractive an elegant terrace with a gorgeous pool might just mean that we need to think out of the box. Express that personal style and fun character with an unbelievable outdoor space.

12. Lighting

Another important aspect for décor is the location and type of lighting which adds the best illumination to the space. Whether it be lights for the inside of the pool to ensure that it is usable regardless of the time of day, or lighting to add ambiance to the terrace space, this is a key design aspect in creating the perfect environment.

13. The depth

When thinking about installing a pool for your home, have a look at the space available to you, the size that would look best in the small space, consider the depth of the pool, as well as your budget. A pool should be a place to unwind and relax, not stress unnecessarily.

​14. Modern design

A pool should also be trendy and contemporary in style. No one wants décor that is outdated and unattractive. A modern design also comes with its own eco-friendly benefits, saving you money on electricity in the long run!

15. A shallow pool

Although a shallow pool might not be on the list for most people, it is a great way to cool off after a long hot day. This image shows a fantastic pool that is eye-catching, attractive and stylish too. It’s a modern take on the old inflatable pool, but it’s permanent and looks so much more amazing.

​16. The little one

We end our Ideabook today with a look and a beautiful, although tiny pool. This creative option is a great place to relax and unwind while also having a heating system to ensure that the water is a comfortable temperature whatever the weather. Have a look at these: 7 Steps to Build a Pool in your Backyard.

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