A dilapidated home gets an opulent revamp

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Who doesn’t wish for an abode that is an oasis of calm and serenity? But it takes creative imagination, intelligent implementation and oodles of skill and vision to coax this wish into reality. Thankfully, the architects at One Contact in Bochum, Germany, were able to undertake the makeover of this private house with precision and an eye for detail. The abode is aptly named Place of Silence, and lies in the midst of beautiful natural landscaping, which was earlier a wilderness. Both its exterior and interior were in utter disrepair and a dilapidated state. The residence desperately cried out for a modern and stylish makeover. Now, the revamped home is a joy to be in, with its simple but tasteful designs, cosy textures, sophisticated materials, and sensible furnishings. So let’s take a tour to see more…

​Before: a picture of dereliction

This is the old house before renovation. The dilapidated facade, the dark, unappealing roof and the small black windows contributed largely to the depressing look of the place. Plants and grass grew wild around the property, and it added to its neglectful appearance.

After: a stunning change

This is the remarkable result after a mere 12 months of work. The freshness now rendered to the façade is hugely impressive. The windows have been made large, the dark roof has been changed to a lighter and brighter shade of grey, and a pale brick red structural accent has been added for fashionable appeal. The landscaped garden surrounding the house is a treat for the eyes, while the neat driveway lends a methodical look which was missing before. Stones, pebbles and boulders have come together along with a refreshing water feature, making this abode an epitome of organic abundance.

​Before & after: from drab to fab

The photograph above shows a clear comparison of the old and the new versions of the eastern side of the house. We can see that as a result of the renovation, the rickety terrace was removed and the bay area increased. The windows of the house were also reorganized, and the original dingy bay window was torn down to accommodate modern and sleek glazing. The winding staircase, after renovation, is sure to catch the attention of any onlooker. 

Besides design changes, energy efficiency played an important role in the entire renovation process. The building has been equipped with a high efficient heat pump and a central ventilation system which can ensure 90% heat recovery. The building also has a photovoltaic system with lithium-ion batteries. A new water treatment plant and rain water harvesting system were also important additions made during the makeover process.

​After: a relaxing living room

The living room is a reflection of the high level of aesthetic consideration now applied to this space. Comfortable furniture and wooden flooring paired with sleek and minimalistic decor is the ideal combination for some inner peace, as one overlooks the beautifully finished garden through the large glass windows.

After: neatly designed kitchen

The newly appointed kitchen is replete with modern and practical touches. It is an intelligent combination of lovely designs and functionality, in line with the style followed in most contemporary homes. A large kitchen island with sleek and glossy cabinets takes centre stage here, helping you prepare dishes with ease as you admire nature through the glass door. The wall at the end has a bank of slim cabinets built into it with chic chrome detailing, and they cleverly house all the modern appliances too.

​After: super chic master bathroom

Equipped with a couple of sunny skylights, the master bathroom is a bright and airy space for rejuvenation. Elegant grey stone tiles line the floor and feature wall, while crisp white dominates the remaining space. A sleek but luxurious sink cabinet with large drawers and the simple niches on the right cater to storage needs efficiently. The backlit mirror, silvery accents, and the smart bluish-grey door add to the subtle lavishness of this space.

​After: a truly luxurious shower

Ah! Who wouldn’t want to stand under a rain shower like this, and wash away all their worries? The shower area is an epitome of refreshing luxury with its shower wall, minimalistic fixtures, and soft but bright lights. As water hits you with an energising zing from every direction, you will feel you are in bathing paradise!

The renovation of this old house shows how modern designs, materials, and innovations can lead to a dramatic transformation. The architects have wonderfully blended comfort, functionality and energy efficiency in this beautifully revamped abode for an eco-friendly and luxurious lifestyle. Not done yet? Take another tour for more inspiration: From gloomy to dazzling: a Japanese home shines again.

What do you think of this luxurious home revamp? Has it inspired you to get more energy efficient?

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