9 easy ways to beautify a small living room

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Small living rooms can be wonderfully cosy little living areas with the right approach to decorating. We all know that every small living room should be kept bright, clear and uncluttered. But how can we add to the decorative appeal of a small living space without encroaching on floor space or making the room feel closed in? Well, here at homify we have a plethora of beautiful little living rooms that could provide lots of inspiration. Many of them feature a few ideas that could be beautifully adapted to the tiniest of living rooms. We hope you love them as much as we do! Welcome to 9 ways to beautify a small living room…

1. Unify accent colours

The quickest and cheapest way to beautify a small living room is with accessories such as fresh flowers and pillows. As seen here, the rose hues give this living room a sense of harmony and cohesion.

2. The power of pendant lights

The beauty of a pendant light is that it takes up horizontal space—not floor space. Here we can see how a beautiful little collection of pendant lights have been used to dress up the unused corner in this little living room.

3. Create an art wall from top to bottom

It's easy to think small when decorating a small living room. But wall space provides opportunity to explore some fairly adventurous ideas with artworks. This doesn't mean installing a single artwork - perhaps you might create an art wall that runs from top to bottom.

4. Use the furniture fabrics for decoration

Beautifying a small living room doesn't necessarily need to mean adding big items of furniture—after all, the key is to keep things simple. Perhaps you could make your furniture really earn its place with some gorgeous fabrics and stunning furnishings.

5. Light the coffee table with a feature light

Random Light - Suspension Lamp - Moooi MOHD - Mollura Home and Design Living roomLighting
MOHD—Mollura Home and Design

Random Light—Suspension Lamp—Moooi

MOHD - Mollura Home and Design

This living room may not be the smallest, but the coffee table light could easily be used to a similar effect in a tiny living room. As with the pendant lights, it only takes up vertical space. A big feature light like this could provide that visual focal point that every room needs. It won't intrude on the walkway areas either.

6. Indirect light

Indirect lighting is one of the easiest ways to transform a small living room. The softened light is easy on the eyes and will give the room a soft glow. Look at building up the lighting scheme with a collection of floor lamps and pendant lights.

7. Give it a hotel theme

Luxurious hotel rooms are designed by professionals and often provide a good source of inspiration for the small home decorator. The soothing colour palettes, multiple light sources and plush furnishings so typical of this style will make any small living room feel beautiful. This interior by interior designer and architect Nelson W Design shows how it can be done well.

8. Tiny mirrors

We all know how important mirrors can be when decorating a small home. But it's not always a good idea to have a huge mirror - particularly when it reflects clutter! A collection of small or antique mirrors are a great alternative. They brighten up the room and give this living room and undeniable decorative appeal.

9. Paint the bookcase a contrasting colour

Floor-to-ceiling bookcases or storage cabinets are often white and commonly found in small living rooms. But a contrasting shade of colour will add a whole lot of vibrancy and life to the space. Just check out this blue-grey bookcase unit in this tiny living room for inspiration.

Most living rooms are combined with dining rooms, so this Ideabook may help as well: 8 creative ways to arrange your dining room.

If you have any extra tips on how to beautify a small living rooms, let us know in the comments field below!

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