Luxurious Tropical Home: tropical Living room by ANSANA

8 of the best Singapore interiors

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Singapore is home to some of the world's richest people, and this has led to an investment in some truly stunning homes. While almost every other major international city could make the same claim, what makes Singaporean interiors so different is the tropical climate. In most other cities, architects are restrained by the need to insulate the home for the cold seasons. But in Singapore, the warm climate gives architects and designers the opportunity to explore the meeting point between indoor and outdoor life with a whole new level of freedom. So, today we have gathered some of the most stunning Singapore interiors we've come across here at homify. Brace yourself and get ready to explore 8 stunning Singapore interiors! We hope they don't make you green with envy…

1. The home with a natural wow factor

Luxurious Tropical Home: tropical Living room by ANSANA

Luxurious Tropical Home


Singaporean architects have really embraced the power of nature in their designs. This modern kitchen has all the warmth of natural materials and colours with a contemporary gloss. Just check out the driftwood lighting feature!

2. A dramatic entrance

colonial Living room by Design Intervention
Design Intervention

International Prop Award Winner-Best Interior Design Singapore 2013

Design Intervention

This stunning interior comes to us courtesy of Singaporean interior designer Design Intervention. The incredibly long apple green drapes and small tree draw attention to the vast height of this glossy entrance.

3. A home with pizzazz

colonial Dining room by Design Intervention
Design Intervention

International Prop Award Winner-Best Interior Design Singapore 2013

Design Intervention

Vivacious patterns and adventurous choices give this Singaporean home a vivacious sense of life. It all comes down to the adventurous black and white striped walls, boldly contrasting floral rug and huge feature light.

4. Simple and stunning

This kitchen may not have any outlandish features, but it's still stunning. The wooden feature panel on the ceiling really draws the eye upwards and gives this interior a luxurious lift.

5. A unique Singaporean residence

Natural textures and forms have been polished and elevated to a whole other sphere in this unique Singaporean interior. The pendant lights are glass blown and the huge feature wall is made from woven materials.

6. Bridge over water

Welcome to 'Bridge over Water', a luxurious Singaporean home created by Hyla Architects. This large internal pool is the entrance to the home and the glass spiral staircase leads one up into the living areas.

7. Undeniably luxurious living room

This luxurious living room really epitomises Singapore's unique combination of tropical style and high-end sophistication. This utterly sophisticated living room leads right to the edge of a drop pool.

8. A home with a stunning atrium

Let's spoil ourselves with another view of the Bridge over Water. This time, we have a view of the ground floor, the entrance to the pool and the atrium that leads to the upper level. This opening gives us glimpses of natural light amid a tumble of greenery.

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Which of these stunning Singaporean interiors is your favourite? Don't hesitate to nominate one in the comments field below!
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