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A/ZERO Arquitetura Modern pool
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Many of the luxurious Brazilian homes we explore at homify possess glossy lavish finishes and a bold, tropical flair. In that sense, the 1300m2 square mansion we will explore today is typical of modern Brazilian architecture. It has an impressive outdoor pool, polished white marble floors and tropical landscaping.

But what makes this home different is the subtle palette. There are no wild splashes of colour or big features with wild pizzazz. Instead, we have a combination of soft earthy hues and a surprisingly restrained decor. Typically, Brazilian bold white curves are present, but the architects A/Zero Arquitetura have combined them with straight lines and fine geometric patterns. All this contributes to create a home with an impressive ambience and a quiet sophistication. Come with us on a photo tour to indulge in some Brazilian luxury with a difference…

White bold facade

The two-level home has a bold white facade with a flat roof composed of broad white beams. The white exterior, pale stone walls and lush green lawn with palm trees set the tropical ambience. But the building has such a soft and understated colour scheme that it's easy to overlook the variety of forms that make up the exterior. One upper corner is softly curved and there is a large variety of pillars, shapes and openings presented here. The visual weight on the ground floor is minimal and the total effect is both welcoming and subtly sophisticated.

Luxurious pool

The rear facade has a series of outdoor walkways and terraces divided by pillars and walls. These provide the opportunity to enjoy the large outdoor pool with others or in blissful solitude. The vast proportions of the building have been executed in an all-white colour palette. To complete the effect, floor to ceiling glass doors have been installed on the ground floor. Also, see how the high-set windows have been used on the upper floor to provide privacy.

Elegant dining room

The interior has living rooms of double volume and a glass mezzanine. But it's the elegance of the all-white dining room that really has our attention. The sliding glass doors and bright interior of the structure is impressive, but it's the finishes that really accentuate the subtle sophistication of the space. This is, of course, due to the huge chandelier. But the highly polished white marble floors, dining tables with soft fabric covers and elegant cream drapes also add a strong touch of elegance…

Stylish kitchen

The modern kitchen has a polished black breakfast bar, wooden wine rack and stainless steel appliances. These features give the kitchen a stately feel. The breakfast bar or kitchen island is also designed with two levels that serve to hide the preparation area from sight. Take note of the ceiling lights. People often install far too many recessed lights, but here we can see just two tiny lights above the appliances area and another two larger lights over the preparation area. A series of modern pendant lights provide task lighting as well.

Soothing and sophisticated bedroom

The first thing that strikes us about the bedroom are the plush materials. Glossy wooden floorboards bring the kind of warm homeliness that is so important in a bedroom. For comfort, there is a soft grey rug, plush cream bed linen and a carefully designed lighting plan. We love how the lighting has been installed behind recessed panels near the window. This gives the room that soft glow and offers occupants the opportunity to employ a wide variety of lighting as they wish.

Wet room

These days, no luxury home is complete without a wet room. This one has a shower for two and a deep spa bath. As with the rest of the home, the materials have been used to suffuse the room with a subtle sophistication. Just look at the tiny fine stone tiles above the bathtub. The natural texture of the stone has been highlighted with a series of strategically placed down-lights.

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What do you think of the understated luxury in this Brazilian home? Let us know in the comments field below!

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