Terrible to terrific: a tiny kitchen gets a revamp

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The kitchen plays an important role in giving the entire home a look of completion and warmth. But a cluttered or unorganised kitchen can be a major eyesore, and end up discouraging you from spending time cooking and relaxing. Now, the good news is that—like any other room—more and more homeowners are embracing kitchen makeovers with enthusiasm. And we noticed this trend in Istanbul too.

For instance, the kitchen we will focus on today was originally a cramped and crowded space with little room for basic movement. It also lacked brightness, liveliness and aesthetic appeal, which are vital aspects of a modern kitchen. But the expert kitchen planners at FMS Mimarlik & Insaat, used their creativity and innovation to revamp the kitchen with contemporary accents, smart functionality and a vibrant touch. Want to see how they did it? Then read on!

Before: a kitchen with no breathing space

If you look at the old kitchen, you will find absolutely no reason to feel enthused. It seemed that everything was dumped in this tiny space without any consideration for aesthetics. Moreover, the kitchen looked untidy and dark all the time. The kitchen appliances and accessories jostled for space, and it was really difficult to find anything with ease amidst the clutter.

After: swanky and functional

The new kitchen is visually arresting, despite its compactness. Untidy drawers have given way to smart, sleek and functional storage space. The wall art has added to the glamour of the gleaming and spotless kitchen. The white colour of the walls, cabinets and sideboard make it appear more spacious and brighter than it is too. The sideboard also acts as a small breakfast counter where you can grab a quick bite before heading out for work.

After: neat and organised sink area

The sink area in the renovated kitchen is such that the cleaning of utensils will no longer be an arduous task! It is a highly functional space with all the necessary accessories kept close to hand. The area both above and below the sink is lined with minimalistic storage units, which can take care of the clutter effectively. Above the sink, you will also find a couple of shelves with glass coverings, which can be used to display some fancy crockery.

After: a vibrant nook for appliances

This fiery orange space is a wonderful addition in the new kitchen. Without wasting any extra space, all the necessary appliances of the kitchen including the refrigerator, microwave and oven have been accommodated in a single wall unit. The bright look of the wall perks up the otherwise white kitchen, and contrasts the appliances nicely too.

After: smart and sensible cooking space

Look at the functionality of the cooking space in the newly-done kitchen—it's truly impressive! The four-burner stove has been neatly embedded in the countertop, so that cooking is no longer an ordeal. The sides have been left uncluttered and the drawers below the cook top can hold all the ingredients you need for culinary magic. The ultramodern chimney adds the final pizzazz to this kitchen.

The kitchen planners have truly inspired us with this intelligently planned kitchen makeover. Now you know that a small kitchen is no excuse for a lousy kitchen, right? Space can be optimised and equipped smartly to create a sharp and peppy cooking zone. Check out another transformation story for more inspiration: Drab to fab: a dreadfully dated home gets some class.

Has this tiny kitchen makeover inspired you? Let us know your thoughts!

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