Children’s beds: fun ways to sleep

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The trick for decorating your child’s room in a way that is conducive to building wonderful childhood memories is to put play and imagination at the heart of all your design decisions. Remember the things you loved as a child, and the kinds of spaces that you found captivating, Your child’s room is the room that will offer you the greatest scope to get creative with colours, but it also offers the greatest amount of flexibility in furniture design as well. The bed is likely to be the hub of a lot of your child’s activities: not only will they sleep here, this will be the site of bedtime stories, imaginative adventures into the unknown (is it a bed or a pirate ship?) and possibly quite a bit of jumping up and down too. Giving your child a bed that invites imagination is an important step in fostering their creativity at the time when it matters most.

Camp out indoors

Many children tend to be like cats, in that they enjoy hiding in enclosed spaces. Give a toddler or a cat a box that it can more or less fit in, and there’s no way they’re going to be able to resist the urge to squeeze in. Many of us who had bunk beds as children will remember creating a “den” by draping a blanket from the upper bunk to create a hiding place in the bunk below. Suddenly we had a cave, a castle, or a wigwam (depending on our mood) all of our own; a place to read scary stories by torchlight and hide away from the world. Your children likely share the same impulse that you once did, to create secret spaces for themselves and their friends. This bed has been created with just that impulse in mind. Its tent-like opening means that your kids can enjoy a little bit of the adventure of camping every day.

Sleep beneath the stars

This is another design that plays to the desire that many children feel to be enclosed and protected, this time beneath a roof of stars. This lovely bed again brings a piece of the outdoors into your child’s bedroom, this time in the form of a soothing roof of stars. The canopy serves multiple purposes: not only will the sense of being within a tunnel of stars jump-start your child’s imagination and encourage creative play, it will also offer a soothing aid for falling asleep. There are few things more calming than looking at the night sky while drifting off to the land of nod.

Better than a bunk bed

This truly unique bed would be a great match for an older child who still feels the lure of high beds and enclosed spaces but wants to move on from bunk beds. The wooden ribs create a comforting sheltered space without shutting out the light. The photo below shows the position of the bed.

This angle reveals how the bed fits into the design shown above.  With its gorgeous organic curves and portholes, it’s a space that every child – and, indeed, most adults – would love to fall asleep in.

The personal touch

Childhood is a time of self-discovery, so kids tend to love it when things are all about them. If they’re sleeping in a raised bed, you will need to provide a barrier to prevent them from falling out – so why not personalise it with their name, as seen in this picture? It’s a creative way of showing that you recognise that this space is theirs, and making them feel that little bit more important.

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