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Got time to decorate your new home and don't know where to start? Want to give a new look to your home and do not know what changes are most important? Looking for a simple way to make your home cosy and nice but can't find anything that convinces you? Don't despair, we've exactly what you're looking for, right here: decorating ideas that will give you the time to work with your home décor. So, discover these 5 decorating ideas we've prepared for you. 

Change style, change colour

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There is no bigger decorative statement than changing the colours of the walls. But choosing the best colour for your walls is not an easy decision. If we are not clear, and do not want to risk too much, try classic colours; white, raw, camel, or pastels. With these shades you can paint all the walls of the room, no need to just highlight one of the walls. They are shades to suit any style, and will work well in any chosen room of your flat.

Picking the right colour

Of course, if you've decided to make a radical change to your home then the palette that you face is infinite. Think before you choose the colour on the surface of the room. Is it a room for eating, sleeping, playing, or for working? For being with people or alone? Do you fancy a more welcoming environment, or more transgressive? Answering these questions will be easier to get close to a particular colour. 
Here's a decorating tip: if you paint a wall with a dark colour make sure the rest of the walls will have a lighter shade. It is not only a way to avoid overloading the environment, you'll also get more of a highlight.

In search of light

Light is one of the key elements when thinking about decorating our house. We should always consider how much light enters the room, and what time and where, especially when we decorate studios, dining rooms, or bedrooms. Light will make us decide where to put the couch or where to place the table. Also give rise to spots where we read and relax as we see in this photograph, taking advantage of the gap has installed a small couch to collect all the sunlight. 
 Decorating tip number 2: You can extend the feeling of lightness at home using white colours, regardless of the curtains and by strategically using mirrors to reflect light, and to give an illusion of a bigger space.

Play with textiles

The possibilities when it comes to textile decoration in the home are endless. We dress our home in textiles and depending on which patterns, colours and fabrics we choose, fitting to the overall style of our home . However, keep in mind a few things; if the room is not very big, or not too light, avoid heavy fabrics for curtains. Here the idea would be to look for a more sheer fabric, one that lets light in and makes a room feel more airy.
Decorating tip number 3: Choose a couple of colours and combine them to your liking, fearlessly mixing stripes, plaids, flowers or other patterns.

The new and the old

Decorating the house in a single style is not only complicated, but it is also not recommended. It is fashionable to be eclectic, so enjoy it when yo renew your interior. Mix your old furniture with modern design pieces and even  unique crafts. Turn old into new with a little skill and a few coats of paint. 
Decorating tip number 4: a good place to experiment and mix table deckings is the dining room. Try combining chairs of different styles and colours.You'll be amazed at the result. 

Floral elements

Nothing is more cosy in our homes then floral elements, or even real flowers. Forget the old notion of plants in the bedroom. It is not true that they will steal all the oxygen while you sleep, in contrast, plants purify your air and make you feel better .However, if you're not very good with plants why not try decorative prints. It's not the same, but also applies to us.  

Decorating tip number 5: a vase of flowers adds a festive air and loving home. You are encouraged to do so from time to time, and you will thank yourself that you did.

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