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Bringing a big bunch (or preferably several big bunches) of fresh flowers into your living room can help to make it feel a little bit more like spring at any time of the year. We all know it’s a quick fix to brighten up any space – after all, that’s why one of the most frequently quoted pieces of advice for showing off your home to potential buyers is to make sure there are plenty of blooms on display around the premises. But if you’re going to fill your house with flowers, you’re going to need somewhere to put them all. The vase you choose is as much a part of your floral displays as the plants themselves. There are some really stunning and unusual ones out there that might even steal the show from the flowers. All of the vases in this ideabook have something just a little offbeat about them – take a look and steal a little inspiration for your own decor.

​Wait… what?

Were the flower not included in this photo, it might be possible not to realise that this weird and wonderful object is in fact a vase. But it is – and a very lovely and unusual one, at that. The ripples on top of the vase are a little like lace, or, even better, like whipped cream. Maybe that’s what makes this vase so pleasing to the eye: the subconscious sweet associations with dessert (the most important meal of the day). The wide spacing of the cavities for flowers makes this a great vase for showing off just a few beautiful blooms to their full potential, rather than allowing the individual prettiness of each to get lost in the jostle of a bouquet. The red flower seen here is a nice choice for this vase, providing a striking contrast with the white.

​Painted ladies

This trio of bright and playful vases work well as a set, but each one clearly has a strong personality of its own, too. This is largely due to the fact that the patterns made by the paint splashes on each one are totally unique. The tall, slender shape of these vases is very elegant indeed, and the narrow opening at the top of each again make these ideal for displaying just one or two flowers to excellent effect. Placing a single red rose in each one and then arranging them together on a mantelpiece would make for a very nice-looking display.

​Link arms

These avant-garde pieces really are made for each other. More sculpture than vase, their unique interlinking design means you have to take the whole family home with you, but who could complain about that when they look so right together? The slim linking parts provide a pleasing and unexpected dissimilarity from the heavy, unrefined bodies of the vases. Meanwhile, the variety between the forms of each vase in the chain adds interest in spite of the apparent simplicity of their designs.

​Nothing to hide

These transparent vases put it all out there, offering a window into their interiors. When filled with flowers, the visibility of the bottom of their stems would add an extra dash of colour to the display. The added bonus of this design is that it could double as a jug or decanter – although probably only if you go for the option seen on the left-hand side of this image. The slightly different design on the right, with its inverted lip, might cause a few pouring problems.

​Rough around the edges

This piece works so well simply due to its deceptively unfinished look. The places where its creator squeezed and moulded it are still clearly visible, right down to the finger dents. There is something very earthy, natural and above all honest about this vase: it was made by a person, not a machine, and it still proudly bears the marks of that human process.

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