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We are in the Belgian capital of Brussels today, a city dotted with a medley of gothic, baroque and postmodern architecture. And it is here that we came across the simple but extremely inspiring renovation of a dated and shabby apartment. The owners had decided to renovate their old house which was on the verge of becoming completely dysfunctional. However, intelligent reconstruction, contemporary design, minimalistic decor and random pops of colours were able to put together a brand new house for the family. The creative team of architects at Alizée Dassonville | Architecture worked hard from scratch to transform the old and drab shell into a marvellous apartment. Let's take a tour! 

Before: a dwelling in shambles

Here you can see the original state of affairs in the kitchen and living area of the house. The walls were ageing and the floors were in a sorry condition. During renovation, a few steps were introduced to lend the living space a higher elevation than the kitchen, bringing in an element of structural interest. The architects could also gauge the immense potential of the large window at the end, and knew that they could create a well-lit and cheery living space easily.

Before: dilapidated disaster

The living room wall had to undergo some subtle structural tweaks in order to provide clever storage solutions for the space. And the architects made sure that it was done in a tasteful manner.

After: a comfy and bright living area

A bright, stylish and contemporary living room is now all set for relaxation and entertainment. The plush steel grey sofa set and a grey and white patterned rug truly complement each other. The star attraction here is the golden light ensconced by a beautifully crafted black metallic structure on the ceiling. The book and magazine shelf is mounted on the wall, and accompanied by a sleek bench, looks useful. A sleek coffee table and a slim bench along with a wall-mounted display shelf near the window, complete the aesthetic appeal of this room.

After: chic and stylish kitchen

The revamped kitchen says it all about the hard work put in by the experts. The space comes alive with a breakfast bar and kitchen island created perfectly within the given space. The glossy white cabinets complement the whiteness of the walls and balance the beautiful blue hue of the backsplash. Not to mention the small rack fitted on the wall where family pictures, flowers, designer cups can be showcased. The sleek white bench under it offers space for seating as well as the storage of things which must be easily accessible. And finally, the simple but powerful pendant lights lend an industrial chic touch to the space, which is unique and pretty.

After: matte white and perfect

The architects perfected a neat and minimalist look for this area, which makes the bathroom trendy and cosy at the same time. The wood-finish sink cabinet is classy, utilitarian and completes itself with a wall mirror.  Adjacent to that is a slim bath tub where you can wash away your worries after a hard day. Aesthetic touches like the potted plant, the blue and white patterned bath mat, and the industrially inspired pendant lamps add to the subtle glamour of this rejuvenation nook.

After: a bold and beautiful bedroom

The predominantly white and spotless bedroom is a pretty vision indeed, with a chirpy dash of citrus orange. The plush, large bed lies on a storage platform and is unencumbered by traditional side tables. Instead, the brilliant yellow niche caters to all your organisational needs and keeps things cheery too. The warm and cosy sconce light adds to the comfort quotient of the space.

So, the renovated apartment is now all set to make urban living as stylish and smart as possible! Check out another transformation story for more inspiration: Dark to light: a sad apartment gets a sparkling revamp.

What do you think of the stylish furnishings of this revamped apartment? Let us know!

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