10 creative housewarming gift ideas

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HASAMI season3 MARUHIRO Inc. Dining roomCrockery & glassware Porcelain Multicolored
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Often when moving into a new home, you realise how many items you have accumulated over time, but also how many essentials you might be missing. If it is your first independent dwelling, you will undoubtedly require some necessities that were provided in your last abode. A scary truth to many! Realising you need to kit-out your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom… and indeed every room in your abode, can be a daunting reality.

Luckily, subsequent housewarming parties and gift-giving generally ensues.

If your friend, relative or colleague has moved into a new abode, you will want to choose a present that suits their situation. If it is their first house, you’ll probably stick to the basics and the essentials—cookware, textiles, food, cleaning goods etc. But if, conversely, they are experienced in domestic life, you might want to think a little outside the box.

A creative gift can provide a thoughtful and unique addition their life, personalising the experience, and helping them get settled in their new home. To get you started we’ve collated 10 creative housewarming gift ideas that are sure to inspire and enthuse. Read on below!

1. A place to hang hats

A hat stand is an oft-overlooked household accoutrement. Choose an interesting and individual design that will bring personality and warmness to the new apartment or house. 

If you like the look of this interior and would like to emulate it in your own home, chat to an interior designer and get some expert ideas and domestic solutions. 

2. Contemporary art

This is the ultimate gift for a contemporary living room! Modern and contemporary artwork is a creative choice for anyone moving into a new abode, and will drastically improve the overall ambience within a newly furnished space. 

3. Uber stylish bathroom accessories

Think outside the box when gifting something special to your friend or relative and consider interesting bathroom accessories. Bathroom accoutrements are tremendously overlooked when decorating a wash space, and it is likely the beneficiaries will be more than happy with a neat and tidy bathroom essentials. 

4. A fabulous shower curtain

These days shower curtains come in a range of interesting colours, patterns, textures and styles. Up your gifting game by choosing a stylish and exciting shower curtain for your friends to hang in their new bathroom. 

5. Spice up a classic!

Ok, so we all know that a fresh floral bouquet is a no-nonsense crowd pleaser, but you can give this easy and convenient classic a twist, by including a self-chosen vase that your recipient can repurpose once the flowers die. 

6. Sleek and chic bed linen

As bed linen is a fairly personal item, people tend to shy away from purchasing it for others. However, quality bed sheets can make a highly practical gift, and one that will bring a sense of homeliness into a new dwelling. 

7. A statement light fitting

When moving into a new house or apartment, light fittings are generally neglected over seemingly more important fixtures. 

Look for some interesting designs and purchase a light fitting or lamp that is sure to add style and energy to their abode. 

8. Bright serving accessories

HASAMI season3 MARUHIRO Inc. Dining roomCrockery & glassware Porcelain Multicolored

HASAMI season3


We absolutely adore this range of colourful serving platters and cookware. Perfect for injecting a little life into a freshly moved-into home, this creative gift is sure to put your other friends to shame!

9. Funky tableware

Fancy Flamingo Plate Set Yvonne Ellen Dining roomCrockery & glassware
Yvonne Ellen

Fancy Flamingo Plate Set

Yvonne Ellen

Get creative with some funky tableware for your friends new home. If you are visiting as a guest to their housewarming party, you can even bring food with you, using the plates and leaving them once you go.

10. Glamorous wine storage

No home is complete without a good selection of wine, and a suitable place to store it. Check out some different wall-mounted or freestanding options, and add a couple of nice bottles of red wine to match. 

Which fabulous gift would you choose? Read on for some more domestic inspiration here: 12 floors to sweep you off your feet!

What is your ideal housewarming gift? Let us know in the comments below!

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