8 simple ways to make your home an oasis

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Our homes are restful, relaxing and rejuvenating domestic spaces. When decorating and designing your most intimate and private areas, you will most likely want to transform your home from plain to peaceful. If you need some assistance, we’re going to take a quick look at 8 ways you can create an oasis in your dwelling!

Creating a tranquil, serene and stylish space is easy when you have the right tips, tricks and inspiration at your fingertips. Today’s Ideabook will focus on ensuring your abode exudes the luxury of an opulent resort and getaway, and becomes a necessary oasis in the centre of a busy and often hectic metropolis.

For some hints and ideas to boost your home’s sense of idyllic sanctuary, check out our tips below.

1. Create a relaxing living room

The living room is central to your home's oasis retreat. Add comfy furnishings, plenty of plants, and keep your space clutter free.

Additionally, ensure the room is well-lit, and illuminated with as much natural light as possible.

2. Bright and engaging wall hues

This living room is bright, lively and super enjoyable thanks to its bright hue! Think outside the box with your home, and evoke the true feeling of paradise with an appropriate wall colour. 

3. Brilliant bed linen

Sumptuous sleeping spaces always boast cosy, comfy and luxurious sheets. Choose something that is lavish, soft and high quality to exude a welcoming ambience. 

Choosing a bedroom theme can be a tricky task, chat to a designer to ensure you get some expert advice. 

4. Beautiful tropical accessories

Choose gorgeous accessories that will add to your overall interior aesthetic. To create an oasis, look at coastal themed pieces, as well as matching textiles. 

5. Cute and quirky ornaments

Tropical Collection rigby & mac Living roomAccessories & decoration
rigby & mac

Tropical Collection

rigby & mac

Take a look at these fabulous tropical themed ornaments; they are playful, colourful and exciting. Choose decorations that suit your personality, while imparting energy and style within your space. 

6. Create an oasis in your bathroom

The bathroom is often a domestic escape and place of quiet solace in a busy home. Look at creating your oasis in this room with a clean aesthetic, and a bright tropical shower curtain. 

7. Wondrous wallpaper

Wallpaper influences a room's essence and ambience like no other domestic design tool. Choose yourself a wallpaper that evokes the type of oasis you are attempting to create. 

If you want a tropical-themed space, look at something similar to the example above, or something a little more pared-back for a serene, tranquil room. 

8. Incorporate a water feature

Tetsu bachi granite bowl water feature Lush Garden Design Garden Accessories & decoration
Lush Garden Design

Tetsu bachi granite bowl water feature

Lush Garden Design

Finally, no domestic oasis would be complete without a water feature. Look at interior options that create a trickling sound, or perhaps consider a terrarium if you want to avoid the effort involved with installing a water feature. 

Will you employ any of these tips in your home? If you need some more inspiration before undertaking a refurbishment, check out: Bland to blooming: the colourful makeover of a tiny balcony

Do you think you will try any of these simple ideas? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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