9 clever ways to add plants to your small home

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There is no need to skimp on beautiful houseplants and lush greenery if you live in a small home. It's not necessary to have a garden, balcony or even great natural light. Don't believe us? Well, the secret is to get creative about how you introduce greenery into a small home. Perhaps you have bare walls, an unused corner of wall, ceiling or even an ugly piece of art that needs to be replaced. Whatever the peculiarities of your small home, we have something that is sure to work as a great urban garden. Come with us to explore the options! Welcome to 8 ways to introduce plants to your small home…

1. Add a mini garden beyond the glass

Bridge Over Water HYLA Architects Modern windows & doors
HYLA Architects

Bridge Over Water

HYLA Architects

If you have extremely limited space at home and the luxury of a small outdoor area, one smart way to get some green into your life is to get planting next to the window. This way you get a hit of foliage both inside and out, without compromising precious indoor space.

2. Introduce a green living wall

This fabulous green wall is very jungly and a little over the top. It also takes up no floor space and acts as a sound barrier. There is no need for decorations with an indoor garden feature like this!

3. Make your room dividers into mini glasshouses

Room dividers are often a big part of small homes, so why not turn a temporary wall into a mini glasshouse? The best part of this is that it can be viewed from two sides.

4. Frame some foliage

If you can't imagine installing a decadent green wall—no fear! They are available as smaller framed pieces as well. Perhaps you could even take it on as a DIY project and frame some foliage like this.

5. Turn a corner into a little dry pebble garden




Dry pebble or rock gardens are a big part of Japanese interiors. They are often created with hardy low-maintenance plants and are easy to keep clean. They might add that little Zen touch to your home.

6. Make a vertical herb garden

A vertical herb garden isn't just beautiful, it's functional as well. Little pots of fresh herbs are readily available at many outlets. Just install a wall hanger with little pockets and pop in a pot of fresh herbs.

7. Hang sky plants from the ceiling

Every home has unused ceiling space that could be used for sky planters. These are upside down hanging pots with a locking disk, an internal reservoir system and mesh to hold the soil in place. They can be used for a variety of species. But don't stop there, these days there's a huge range of interesting garden accessories that are perfect for small homes.

8. Create an underwater garden

A home with poor natural light is actually a benefit if you love fishtanks. The environments of most fishtanks need to be tightly controlled and it's best to rely on artificial lights. These of course can be used to beautifully light up a lush underwater garden.

9. Double the plant life with mirrors

Appleby Oak Double Wardrobe with Mirrors The Cotswold Company BedroomWardrobes & closets
The Cotswold Company

Appleby Oak Double Wardrobe with Mirrors

The Cotswold Company

Finally if you don't have a green thumb, perhaps you could steal a little greenery from the neighbours! Carefully-placed mirrors might be used to reflect an outdoor view. Of course, they could also be used to double the effect of your own indoor greenery as well.

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How do you incorporate plants into your small home?

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