9 tricks to make your house feel like a home

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When moving into a new dwelling, one of the key desires is to ensure it feels like a home, rather than simply a house or apartment. Rather intangible and difficult to pinpoint, the spirit of a home is something that evokes certain feelings of warmth, comfort and security.

To help you transform your house, apartment or dwelling into a cosy and enticing home, we’ve gathered 9 easy and simple ideas that are sure to bring a little affection and contentment, along with feelings of protection into your abode.

If you have just moved into a new residence, or would like to give your current home a refresh, read on below and transform your dwelling today!

1. Sumptuous bedding

First things first, we enter the bedroom to take a peek at how sumptuous sheets can make all the difference when attempting to transform one's house or apartment into a home. 

Choose high-quality bedding, with a decent thread count, and pair with plenty of throw cushions and alluring rugs.

2. Good storage

Next up, ensure your abode possesses suitable storage in order to build a tidy, homely and inviting aesthetic. 

If you need assistance in building, creating or planning new storage, chat to one of our professionals and ensure you get the job done right!

3. Floor cushions and rugs

As well as in the bedroom, floor cushions and rugs really help create a warm and welcoming ambience. Choose interesting patterns such as the example here, and take a peek at the incredible indoor hammock!

4. Indoor plants

Indoor plants naturally bring a sense of energy and life into an interior space, which is why they are perfect to enliven the home. 

Choose different varieties, and plant them in interesting or unique pots to bring colour and originality to your dwelling. 

5. A neat and tidy entrance

A home needs to be neat and tidy, which is why you should focus on creating a stylish yet ordered entrance space. Let's face it, entering a new home and seeing boxes everywhere certainly doesn't engender feelings of homeliness and comfort. 

6. Lighting

Next up we are going to look at the importance of lighting. This kitchen feels welcoming, warm and ultra homely thanks to task lighting underneath each shelf. 

Look at the lights you install in your home, maximising natural illumination, and working with an indirect, comforting glow. 

7. Candles

Candles are one of the easiest ways to provide your dwelling a rich ambience and welcoming aura. Choose a range of scented and unscented varieties to remove any odours from previous tenants or cleaning products, and exude an approachable and cosy atmosphere. 

8. A casual home office space

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Your new home needs to be welcoming as well as practical. Set up your casual home office in a way that will improve liveability and versatility, while also ensuring the ambience is one of practicality and comfort. 

9. Cook something in the kitchen

Finally, one of the simplest and most delicious ways to make sure your house feels like a home is to use the kitchen! Cooking evokes smells that are comforting, warming and sure to remove any sense of newness from your abode. Grab that mixer and get baking!

We hope you enjoyed our tips to transform your home, if you would like to continue reading, check out: 10 creative housewarming gift ideas

How do you create a warm and welcoming home?

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