5 incredible kitchen transformations

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A smart and stylish kitchen design is inspiration for even the most amateur of cooks. After all, it is not enough for a kitchen to have just a stove and a couple of cabinets in which to store things. The ideal kitchen should boast an intelligent layout that enables easy movement, sleek but adequate storage space, neat counters and fashionable appliances which are incorporated into the design scheme aesthetically. Beyond that, the colours and textures that you choose for your kitchen also go a long way towards making it a stunner! So here we will take you through 5 remarkable kitchen makeovers which are inspiring 'drab to fab' stories. Let’s get started!

Before: old-fashioned and shabby

The boring patterned tiles, dated appliances and the dull counter and cabinets didn’t do anything to make this kitchen inviting or awesome. Some cabinet doors were actually falling off their hinges, while the space around the sink was a cluttered nightmare. The accessories were old-fashioned and unappealing too.

After: smart, warm and cosy

Sleek beige cabinets now rule the space on either side of the kitchen, keeping mess at bay. They contrast the rich brown backsplashes too, and accommodate the contemporary appliances neatly. The embedded cook top and the stylish double sink add to the streamlined look, which goes hand in hand with the cosy and inviting feel.

Before: nothing but mess

Mindless clutter and dated cabinets made this kitchen completely unfriendly for cooking chores. The dining table also took up a lot of space, and hindered easy movement.

After: open-plan wonder

The open-plan layout of the revamped kitchen is now much more breathable, neat and smart. There is sufficient space for moving around, and the kitchen island is a modish addition too. Sleek and contemporary white cabinets now line either side of the airy kitchen, while ample sunlight floods through the windows. The dining table has been moved out sensibly, and the predominance of white enhances the spaciousness of this culinary haven.

Before: almost in ruins

With tiles falling away and dirty walls, this kitchen was hardly appropriate for cooking. Burdened by dated doors and a nondescript floor, the room’s makeover had to be rendered from scratch to change things around here.

After: awesome in grey

Gleaming and elegant grey cabinets and lavish wooden countertops have transformed the aura of the old dilapidated kitchen miraculously. There is now adequate room for cooking, prepping, plating and storing stuff. The chic dining area lies just beyond the kitchen for ease of serving food.

Before: gloomy and cramped

Holywell Cottage Haus12 Interiors
Haus12 Interiors

Holywell Cottage

Haus12 Interiors

This kitchen suffered from a dull and claustrophobic feel due to the dark, chunky cabinets and oppressive wooden ceiling.  A more modern and sleek appearance was desired, along with appropriate lights. Note how even the bright focused lights couldn’t dispel the gloom of this space before.

After: bright, sleek and cool

Holywell Cottage Haus12 Interiors
Haus12 Interiors

Holywell Cottage

Haus12 Interiors

The smart and sleek beauty of the transformed kitchen is all due to the creative efforts of the kitchen planners at In-Toto Kitchens Newcastle in Newcastle upon Tyne. The kitchen counter is a slim and fuss-free creation with a dark grey countertop and pale drawers. The overhead cabinets are sleek affairs in white and pale wooden hues. But what has really opened up the kitchen and enhanced its bright spaciousness is the removal of the wooden ceiling. The new pristine white ceiling fitted with trendy recessed lights has expanded the minimalistic kitchen visually, and complements the large grayish beige tiles on the floor too.

Before: dark, depressing and jarring

The small and compact kitchen with its clumsy cabinets and appliances jostling for space was no chef’s dream. There was a clash of patterns with the checks on the cabinets at loggerheads with the busy polka print on the tiles. The sudden splashes of bright yellow and blue under the sink and around the window helped in no way to improve matters. It was a complete design disaster.

After: sensible and elegant

With white now ruling the roost in the kitchen, the overall appeal of the space has shot up in leaps and bounds. The cabinets and drawers are now sleeker, more uniform and decked with chrome detailing for a subtly fashionable look. The dated tiles on the floor have been replaced by smart grey tiles which complement the dominating whiteness really well. The sleek granite countertop is fitted with a modish sink and embedded cooking stove for contemporary appeal, while a practical wall-mounted shelf caters to daily storage needs easily.

We hope you are as much inspired by these awe-inspiring kitchen facelifts as we are! Feel free to incorporate the ideas you liked into your own project. Here’s another before & after story that might pique your interest too: Bleak to industrial chic: A South Korean apartment reborn.

Which of these kitchen transformations inspired you the most?

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