9 tricks to give your home a low-cost luxury makeover

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When it comes to our home’s interior, most of us rely on surfing Google, house magazines, and a little of our own design nous to provide tips to create our desired dwelling. In a perfect world, this would probably include a visit from an outstanding interior decorator as well, but the reality is often budget-restrictive.

However, just because you are watching your wallet, doesn’t mean you can’t too have an awesome, appealing and avant-garde abode! If you desire a luxury domicile but are unsure where to begin, we’ve pulled together 9 neat ways to achieve your dreams, without breaking the bank! Read on below, and get started today!

1. De-clutter your life, and re-organise your belongings

There is nothing less elegant, luxurious or desirable than clutter. Too many objects, ornaments and accessories can look decidedly tacky, so it is important to audit your possessions and only display an edited array of items. 

2. Add a bed curtain

Bed curtains, canopies and drapes are cheap, effective and add an utterly romantic aesthetic within sleeping quarters . Choose something sheer to ensure space isn't compromised, while potentially updating your bed linen to create the full tranquil and luxurious bedroom package. 

3. Accessorise with faux fur

A decent faux fur rug can be hard to tell apart from the real deal, but comes guilt and cruelty-free. Invest in a cosy, sumptuous rug (such as the example above) and drape it over your bed, sofa, or ottoman for maximum luxury and opulence.

4. Add artwork (or DIY photography)

If you fancy yourself a DIYer, you could consider printing some of your shots and displaying them upon the walls. If however, you are lacking any artistic nous, invest in a stylish print and display it in an entrance hall, bedroom, living room or dining space.

5. Work with textures and patterns

Patterns keep your interior space from feeling flat. Look at bright hues and patterns, and consider matching your light fittings to your bed linen. 

If you need help with your interior design, chat to a professional via homify, and get a little expert advice!

6. Employ plenty of fresh flowers

Concrete flower vase Betoniu GmbH Balconies, verandas & terraces Plants & flowers
Betoniu GmbH

Concrete flower vase

Betoniu GmbH

You can't fail with a classic! Employ fresh blooms within your abode and watch it transform from dull and dreary, to lovely and luxurious!

7. Hang your curtains high

Opulent homes generally boast high ceilings. You can recreate this effect in your humble abode by hanging your curtains high on the wall. This will give the impression of a higher ceiling, and impart an extra touch of glamour. 

8. Choose one statement light fitting

Our Ozero crystal chandelier in Anna Casa showroom Manooi Modern offices & stores Transparent

Our Ozero crystal chandelier in Anna Casa showroom


If there is only one thing you can change in your apartment or house, make it your central light fitting. Lights have a huge impact on the overall aesthetic and ambience within a room, and are the ideal place to start when decorating. 

Look out for eye-catching designs, and opt for something large and luxurious to really cement your stylistic sophistication. 

9. Give your bathroom a quick clean and makeover

The bathroom is often the design disappointment when it comes to a dwelling. Avoid a domestic and stylistic anticlimax by ensuring your bathroom is clean, clear and contemporary. Choose matching accessories, and always use the same colour linen and towels. Keep clutter away by cleaning regularly, and you will have ensured your bathroom is serene and luxurious. 

We hope we gave you a few neat ideas to give your home a quick burst of style and luxury. If you would like to continue reading, check out: 9 tricks to make your house feel like a home

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