The vibrant makeover of a dull apartment

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MUDA Home Design Eclectic style living room
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We are in the coastal, hilly capital of Portugal today, and Lisbon has taken our breath away with its charming pastel-coloured buildings and quaint cafes. It is here that we came across the attractive home makeover project for Apartamento Anos 50, rendered creatively by the interior landscape designers at Muda Home Design. The apartment originally had some appealing accents which were crowded out by lacklustre décor, a lack of cosy elements, and the absence of lively touches. But thanks to the intervention of the experts, the revamped abode is full of simple but stylish furnishing, pops of interesting colours and patterns, and welcoming touches. Read on to find out more…

Before: uninviting living space

The original living space could hardly be called welcoming with its lack of design scheme and cosy furnishing. The wooden herringbone floor was a great asset though, and the designers knew they could use it to create a charming and bright living space.

After: bright, quaint and lively

Post makeover, the living space has become bright, cheerful and perfect for relaxation and entertainment. The polished circular table with its simple chic chairs has been retained, while the ornately patterned fruit bowl adds fun to it. The new plush sofa complements the walls and the floor, while the bright cushions and beige rug promise extra comfort. The decorative plates on the wall, the lush potted plant and the peppy yellow stool add to the quirky yet vintage look of this space.

After: a different angle

It is interesting how the compact space in the living room has been utilised intelligently, with the sectional placed in line with the wall. The coffee table and yellow stool are small and dainty affairs which don’t look out of place at all. The sleek entertainment unit follows suit too. Sheer drapes allow sunlight to permeate the living area and fill it with happiness.

Before: shoddy bedroom

The bedroom, like the living room, featured the same charming herringbone floor which couldn’t flaunt its beauty due to the worn-out, dated closet and lack of comfy furniture.

After: charming and sunny

Stylish and plush double beds along with a sleek nightstand make this airy and sunny bedroom a lovely place to unwind and rest. The bright yellow cushions and patterned duvets add vibrancy to the room, along with the colourful framed artworks on the wall. Folding glass doors lead to the sun-kissed and cheerful balcony and allow fresh air to pervade the room at all times.

After: cosy outdoor seating

A couple of folding chairs and a quaint table make the bedroom balcony the perfect spot for chit-chatting and enjoying fresh air. A lush potted plant and a candle lend romantic and lively charm to the space, and enhance your sunbathing pleasures.

Before: messy kitchen

The main concern with the kitchen was the mindless clutter that added to its gloomy aura. Too many objects crowded the inside as well as the outside of the kitchen, and prevented the sunlight from passing through the glass enclosure of the adjoining balcony.

After: neat and bright

With all the clutter gone, the kitchen now looks like a brand new place for trying out yummy dishes. Sunlight can now freely reach all its corners, and a flowering potted plant charmingly adorns the sink corner for some fresh appeal.

Before: simple but sensible bathroom

The bathroom, unlike the other rooms, was in good condition, with smart fittings and aesthetically pleasing tiles. No change was required as such.

After: a hint of freshness added

Everything was kept the same and only a dark bathmat was added to keep water off the floor. Miniature potted plants were introduced, too,  to bring in some natural goodness to the simple yet elegant space.

This charming transformation project is truly inspiring and a proof of how simple yet stylish additions, cosy furnishing, natural elements and brightness can take a drab home to fabulous heights. Here’s another before and after story to inspire you further: The astonishing transformation of a bare home.

What do you think of this bright and fresh makeover?

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