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Bridge Over Water HYLA Architects Modern pool
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When building, renovating or conceptualising a new home, designers and architects often push the boundaries of creative innovation. In doing so, we see an extensive range of interesting, unusual and unique dwellings. When visiting, touring or peeking inside an updated residence, we as guests often desire to be surprised.

However, these days many homes, both new and old, follow a tedious mediocrity, lacking inspirational distinction, or a sense of their own individuality. For this reason today on homify we are going to look at 8 homes with surprising features, dwellings that pay tribute to originality, inimitable thinking, and an unrelenting desire to be different.

Read on to learn more about these properties, and perhaps glean a few handy hints or stylistic tips to impart upon your own home. Be inspired, get creative, and check out these surprising homes below!

1. A glass hallway

First up, this intriguing glass hallway is a classic feature of Japanese architecture and marks the perceived significance of transitional space. Set in a minimal concrete home, the effect is cool, clear and refreshing.

2. The swimming pool island

Unbelievably luxurious, this impressive French villa boasts a swimming pool with its very own island. Perfect for wiling away sunny summer’s days, this space is opulent, usable and ideal for family fun.

3. A sliding roof to let in maximum light

Kitchen with sliding rooflight to create open-air court Eldridge London Minimalist kitchen
Eldridge London

Kitchen with sliding rooflight to create open-air court

Eldridge London

Many of us attempt to create a light-filled interior, but no dwellings do it quite as well as this British home with a sliding ceiling. Able to be completely opened up, the kitchen sparkles and shines with an impressive and completely surprising aesthetic.

4. The car gallery

Nestled in the verdant hills of Hong Kong’s Sai Kung, this large villa offers its occupants an amazing view of the owner’s Ferrari, thanks to an architect designed glass garage and car gallery.

5. Mega mansion with a range of surprises

Brought back to life thanks to an extensive restoration project with an unmentionably large budget, this British mansion features a range of incredible features. One of these, a huge semi-basement level library, adds a feeling of modernity, while imparting opulence, luxury and a sense of undeniable grandeur.

6. A multi-storey spiral staircase and a glass bridge

Bridge Over Water HYLA Architects Modern pool
HYLA Architects

Bridge Over Water

HYLA Architects

Next up we peek inside a dwelling that once again utilises glass to create a fabulous walkway from the entrance of the home into the living quarters. Along with a semi-indoor swimming pool and multi-storey spiral staircase, this abode is truly out of this world!

7. The house with everything

This house literally boasts everything one could possibly desire. Replete with a host of incredible additions, features and stunning inclusions, we found it exceptionally difficult to choose an image that could sum up this gigantic 1100 square metre home.

Seen here is the extensive exterior entertaining area, with open fireplace, seating, dining and a range of high tech lighting and features!

8. The basketball house

Have you ever seen a dwelling that boasts its very own basketball court? This Japanese abode takes at home sport to the next level with an indoor ring and court! Seriously impressive, this home is minimal, contemporary and extraordinarily opulent.

9. Perched precariously on a cliff edge

Cliff House by Modscape Concept external Modscape Holdings Pty Ltd
Modscape Holdings Pty Ltd

Cliff House by Modscape Concept external

Modscape Holdings Pty Ltd

For our final dwelling we take a look at an unbelievable concept home that has been presented by Modscape. Hanging off of cliffs in Australia, this truly unique abode tests the limits of one’s vertigo, with sweeping panoramic views of ocean and coast.

Which dwelling surprised you the most? If you have a hankering for some more intriguing and unique homes, tour another impressive dwelling here: The incredible 6.5m-wide house

Which surprising feature would you most like for your dream home? 

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