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10 ways to simplify your home's style

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Our homes are our havens — sanctuaries in which we can rest, unwind, unravel and relax. For this reason, it is imperative that our dwellings allow us to do just that. However, it is extremely common for an interior space to balloon with accessories, accoutrements, and a large collection of household miscellany. Perhaps you’ve attempted a new interior style, but only half followed through with the plan? Or maybe you have simply accumulated a range of odds and ends, which have started to crowd and cause chaos?

Time to simplify your style! Streamlining your style will undoubtedly create a more welcoming aesthetic, as well as allowing you to live peacefully, and in harmony with your surroundings. To get you started, we’ve gathered our top 10 tips to help reorganise and restructure. Read on below and get started today!

1. Consider your style

Before you begin, it is important to think about what you actually want in a home design. Do you prefer comfy, cosy and welcoming? Or are you more into functionality, usability and austerity? Consider your style, write a list, and do a little planning before you dive into the design.

If you need help with the overall style or design of your dwelling, remember you can always call in the professionals. Find an interior decorator via the homify website and get started today!

2. Identify the truly important bits

scandinavian Living room by Muebles Capsir
Muebles Capsir

Estilo nórdico con un toque de color

Muebles Capsir

Some things simply have to stay. Ensure you have a refined vision of what you expect your dwelling to look like, but don’t neglect the items that make you feel good. If you have an old hand-me-down blanket or piece of artwork you couldn’t get rid of, make it work in your new design, and hold onto it.

3. Think minimal

Even if you aren’t a fan of minimalism, thinking minimally will help de-clutter and keep your home free from junk and mess. Stay positive if it doesn’t happen right away, but remember to remove unnecessary items, and only hold onto essentials.

4. Keep things off the floor

It sounds almost too simple to work, but keeping items off of the floor really helps your home’s overall ambience and aura.

5. Work with a vision

Once you’ve made your list of style desires and ideas, it is important you are able to visualise exactly what you are trying to achieve. Pore over magazines, surf the Internet, and gather inspiration from as many sources as your can.

6. Clutter bust

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Elfa Deutschland GmbH

Endlich wird Wäschewaschen zum Vergnügen!

Elfa Deutschland GmbH

Once you have your vision firmly planted in your head, it’s time to clutter bust. The most effective way to rid yourself of any inessentials, you need to essentially undertake a huge removal of items, as well as a clean of your abode.

7. Move furniture around

FORESQUE RESIDENCES: scandinavian Living room by Eightytwo Pte Ltd
Eightytwo Pte Ltd


Eightytwo Pte Ltd

When simplifying your home, try different layouts of furniture to see which works best. Sofas, tables, chairs and bookshelves often sit in the same place for years, but can offer a refreshed vibe in a new location.

8. Keep surfaces clear

Bridge Over Water: modern Kitchen by HYLA Architects
HYLA Architects

Bridge Over Water

HYLA Architects

Remember to keep your surfaces clean and clear, as this will undeniably help your home’s atmosphere and simple vibe.

9. Ensure your bedroom is minimal and clutter free

scandinavian Bedroom by sreda

In order to sleep well in your bedroom, keeping the space clutter free is a necessity. Avoid storing things on your bed, and keep your wardrobe well audited.

10. Make it comfy

Luxury Apartment Combination: minimalistic Living room by Andrew Mikhael Architect
Andrew Mikhael Architect

Luxury Apartment Combination

Andrew Mikhael Architect

Finally, yet no less importantly, it is essential that you remember to keep your home comfortably. As well as offering a simplified aesthetic, it still needs to feel welcoming and inviting.

We hope these tips offered some handy advice for you to update your dwelling. If you would like to read more, check out: 9 tricks to give your home a low-cost luxury makeover

Do you see any essentials missing from our list? Let us know!
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