5 small but perfect bathrooms

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Is your bathroom somewhat lacking in the space stakes? Does it feel cramped, cloistered or cluttered? Chances are your small bathroom needs some creative thinking to transform its less than commodious layout, into a stylish, sophisticated and usable wash area.

To provide a little inspiration, some fresh ideas, and a range of stylistic options, we’ve got 5 compact yet functional bathrooms that are sure to impress and motivate. From working with lighting to the placement of certain fixtures, there are plenty of solutions to ensure you make the most of your small but beautiful space.

If you are ready to get started, read on below, check out the images, and begin planning your bathroom’s renovation and refurbishment today!

1. Optimum utilisation of space

The architects and designers have taken everything into consideration in this next bathroom, with bright tiles creating a wonderful distraction from the compact size of the room. Every corner and crevice has been optimised, with an in-built alcove shelf within the shower.

A little like a game of Tetris, everything has been wonderfully laid out in this space, ensuring maximum functionality.

2. A beautiful and welcoming glow

Next up we are taking a peek inside a truly compact bathroom. No more than just over a metre by a metre, this tiny space feels surprisingly luxurious and welcoming.

In this instance the designers have employed two different yet important tactics for dealing with the lack of space. Firstly, they have imparted a soft and subtle glow through the use of hidden and concealed lighting. This veiled lighting works brilliantly in bringing a yellow toned luminosity into the room, adding a sense of style and sophistication.

Secondly, the fixtures have been designed to fit like a puzzle into the small area. The bath makes room for the basin and vice versa. This completes the room, adding a true sense of space optimisation.

3. Elegant design for narrow space

Now we peruse this elegant and highly refined bathroom. The narrow space has been utilised well thanks to a narrow entry-level shower, and an extremely thin basin. Paired with the thin mirror, recessed lighting, and an earthy colour scheme, this is an unforgettable and efficient space.

4. Opening up the bright bathroom ceiling

In this example, a loft bathroom has made the most of its situation within the building, adding a window to the slanted ceiling. This reduces humidity within the room, and removes some of that common bathroom-stuffiness that so often makes a space feel unpleasant.

5. How about a coloured wall to attract attention

For our last bathroom, we take a look inside a bright, lively and colourful space. Wonderfully decorated in a vivacious scheme of pink and white hues, it is the statement feature wall that is the icing on the decorative cake.

The feature wall demands attention, while providing an eye-catching distraction from the compact size of the room, adding style and a sense of playfulness.

Did you pick up any handy tips for your own compact bathroom? If you need some more inspiration, check out: 10 design ideas for small bathrooms

Which small bathroom do you prefer? Let us know what you liked (or perhaps disliked) in the comments below!

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