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Small spaces always seem like a challenge when what you have in mind is an elegant home that doesn’t look like you were struggling to make it look presentable. Minimalism seems like the easiest option, but it takes a lot of work to make a house look like not a lot of work has gone into it, while still exuding class. 

If you're looking for ideas to spark your creativity for your own home, or if you are simply a fan of minimal elegance, the house in the spotlight today is the perfect starting point. It’s not much bigger than a city apartment, yet manages to pack in a lot more than you would imagine. Designed by Italian architecture firm Studio Proarch, it keeps things simple while making a statement with its few bold choices. By choosing cost-effective yet sustainable materials, the architects managed to create a high-end home without breaking the bank.

Cheery exteriors

Who doesn't love a bright yellow house! In all likelihood, it's the warmest and most comforting colour for the facade of a house. The colour was a conscious choice by the owners who wanted the recently remodelled house to look more welcoming. The white accents and the jalousie windows painted black (note the different dimensions of each) provide a nice contrast to the bright yellow. 

What you see here is actually the courtyard of the house, a quiet space that is removed from the bustle of the street in the front.  

Elegant design

Entering the house, you walk into the comfy and colourful living room Colourful isn't a word normally associated with modern or minimal, but then again, haven't some of the best things come about when rules were conveniently bent? We're not talking about a rainbow palette, but a strategic use of two to three tones that then make all the difference. The architects have largely followed the white and green palette for the furniture and wood or wooden finish for the walls and flooring. 

Check out how the simply designed shelf doubles up as a storage space as well as a clever divider creating an interesting optical element. Speak to our experts for more clever design ideas. 

Instant drama

The dining room creates quite a dramatic effect, and it's all achieved by using the most down-to-earth and simple materials. A simple white dining table is made interesting with the addition of bright green chairs while the wall and floor tiling makes for a charming foreground. 

When opting for lighting fixtures, we are most likely to pick out from the easiest and usually standard options. But taking some time out to look for and invest in a designer light fixture or chandelier (such as the modern one seen here) will immediately up the elegance factor of your house. If you don't want to spend too much money on it, scrounge around in antique stores and flea markets where you should get a bargain deal. 

Tying it together

When faced with a limited space, it's best not to constrict it further by building in additional divisions or walls. The architects here opted to create a free-flowing space, which is visually integrated through the use of a consistent colour palette and materials. The end result is a spacious and elegant vibe. 

If you're looking to add a spot of glamour to your house (without spending too much), we suggest a simple paint job. Opt for either a bold palette or understated hues, and you will have instantly perked up your home. 

Clever interior design

Again, clever design makes the kitchen space appear larger than it actually is. You can't actually tell by now but the kitchen has a small carpet space, a problem that was overcome largely by putting white to work. So, it's not just the cabinetry and the walls that are white, but a significant portion of the flooring has been made with white tiles, which opens up the space. Not to forget, cleaning becomes a lot easier. Practical design has ensured that this small kitchen yields big benefits that includes ample storage and even a casual dining space. 

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