The miraculous makeover of a shabby home

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Porth Cottage Bradley Van Der Straeten Architects
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Replete with historical and cultural richness, London has enticed us today with its historic architecture, bustling streets, thriving entertainment scene and much more. And while exploring this world famous city, we came across Porth Cottage, originally lying in a shabby and neglected state. Ageing and faded walls, drab doors, dilapidated interiors and an overall dated appearance called out for an urgent renovation. Fortunately for the owners, the architects at Bradley Van Der Straeten Architects rose to the occasion admirably and have now transformed the home’s appeal dramatically. They have introduced more space in an intelligent manner, added fresh and bright colours, and kept things minimal yet attractive. The layout of the modest cottage is simple yet expansive, and extremely utilitarian in nature. Let's take a closer look at the transformation now, to know more…

Before: uninviting interiors

Prior to the makeover, the walls were in a sorry state, with paint and plaster peeling off from places. The floor was utterly nondescript, and the design of the ceiling stood in the way of optimal space utilisation. The planks on the ceiling looked drab and old-fashioned too. The commonplace dark doors and the outdated furniture only made matters worse.

After: breathtaking change

With new pale wooden flooring, freshly painted walls tinged with rusticity, and cool furnishing, the living space is now a stunner. The revamped ceiling with its pointy peak has made it possible to introduce extremely useful lofts, and large skylights for ample influx of sunlight and fresh air. The dark and solid wooden beams contrast the whiteness of the ceiling nicely, and enhance the robustness of the building. A trio of trendy pendant lights illuminate the setting soothingly in the evenings.

After: smart materials and colours

We simply love how the pale green wooden panel with sliding doors separates the bedroom and bathroom from the living space. The colour complements the predominant white of the interiors and visually opens up the space. The positioning of the wooden beams lends visual depth to the area, while the ultramodern chrome and black fireplace brings in a hint of industrial chic. A sleek ladder leads to the loft, while plush chrome and leather couches in black infuse the living room with bold elegance.

After: raw stone walls

Note how the walls of this abode have been partly plastered and partly exposed to reveal the stones beneath. This augments the earthy cottage-like charm of the house and helps it integrate well with its natural surroundings. The bedroom floor is also lined with natural wood to heighten this feeling, and to subtly differentiate it from the living space.

After: rustic wall art

This particular spot in the living area is sure to arrest the attention of any guest in seconds! Only a minor portion of the wall surrounding the window has been plastered, while the remaining wall bears a 'stony' disposition. With the help of large skylights and chic sconce lights, this wall has emerged as an artwork that defines the rustic yet modern sophistication of the home.

After: brlliant functionality

This is the other end of the cottage, which houses the sleek and modern kitchen. Next to it stands a remarkable structure made of the same pale green planks that we saw before. This brilliant vertical architectural gem combines with the loft to offer endless storage solutions. Check out how cabinet doors pop open like magical trapdoors to organise pantry items, blankets, seasonal clothes, various household appliances, and even the ladder for reaching the loft. The architects have truly mastered the art of creating extra room without compromising on floor area.

After: a smart house plan

As you can clearly make out from the three-dimensional plan shown here, the cottage is essentially a single-storey affair with a crafty ceiling, which has facilitated the inclusion of two wonderful mezzanine floor lofts. A simple ladder makes the ascent and descent between levels convenient, and negates the need for a traditional staircase. The otherwise open-plan layout is very much in line with contemporary interior design schemes, and lends the residence the illusion of extra space.

The thoughtful and creative renovation of this London residence is not only inspiring, but brimming with clever ideas too. It shows how simple design tweaks, innovative accents and stylish minimalism can take a home from drab to fab! Check out another makeover story if you want more ideas: 4 spectacular small bathroom transformations.

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