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Pendant lights are probably the most popular choice out there for illuminating kitchen islands and dining tables. Pendant lights over a kitchen island are both task lights and accent lights, all in one. They're also a major feature in a kitchen—sitting as they usually do at around eye height. How many? How big? And how high? These are the three questions that will guide the choice of pendant lights for a kitchen. The bigger or more striking the light the more of a feature it will be in the room, but even simple and small pendant lights will draw the eye, so they should be chosen carefully. 

A hint of colour

VITRO LUX Collection Sarah Colson KitchenLighting
Sarah Colson

VITRO LUX Collection

Sarah Colson

Launched in London in 2014, the inspiration for the Vitro Lux collection comes from the beauty found in the balance of form and colour in our surroundings. They are available in both soft-hued and clear glass with contrasting coloured flexes which accent and compliment the overall design. In this example, the yellow, grey and violet glass colours are elevated with dark blue, maroon and yellow cables. If you're looking for colour, but just a hint, coloured cables are a great way to achieve it. 

The Rule of Three

​TRAME COLLECTION in-es.artdesign KitchenLighting



The Rule of Three is a common rule of thumb in pendant lighting for kitchens. The Rule of Three basically runs: An easy way to achieve balance is to repeat an element three times. There's a reason people say that three is a magic number! Once again we see a little injection of colour in coloured cables in these delicate and pretty pendant lights from In-Es ArtDesign

Origami lighting

The Rule of Three is trumped by scale—a single wide pendant scaled in proportion to the island it's hanging over has the same symmetric effect. These origami-style pendants by Arturas S look like paper, but are made of folded prolypropylene, which is better than paper for lamp shades : it is both more durable and far easier to clean.

Upcycled chic

Lieselotte makes gorgeous upcycled porcelain pendant lights; available either singly or in groups. Quirky and playful, yet elegant, these lights will make a fun and pretty centrepiece. Perfect for a rustic or shabby chic style kitchen. 

Bright and striking

The Rule of Three again, but this time colour takes centre stage. Really vivid colours work well with 60s-style Sputnik shapes like this one, bringing a burst of funky pop art to a room. Hanging brightly coloured pendants a little higher than eye-level will keep them from being overwhelming—unless that's the look you're going for, in which case, go for it! 

Chandelier style pendants

The Lilies of Naini Tal. Custom glass waterfall chandelier A Flame with Desire KitchenLighting
A Flame with Desire

The Lilies of Naini Tal. Custom glass waterfall chandelier

A Flame with Desire

Many of the pendants we've seen so far have been in fairly simple, geometric shapes, but there's nothing to say that a more complex, chandelier style pendant can't work in a kitchen. Particularly over a dining table, this more delicate style will mark out the dining space as a place of relaxation and sociability, in contrast to the task-orientation of a kitchen work space. This stunning piece from is handmade from flameworked glass by Emma Mackintosh.

Think big

Silvie lampshade homify KitchenLighting

Silvie lampshade


Again, scale trumps the Rule of Three—and going large with a pendant in your kitchen is a real way to make a bold style statement. Hanging the pendant low over an island or dining table puts the pendant front and centre. A white or off-white pendant light will retreat into the background during the day, and really come into its own when it's lit up at night. 

Laboratory experiment

These Labware Pendant Lamps, designed by Benjamin Hubert, are delightfully quirky. They're made from mouth-blown white opaque glass, with a hand-turned oak cork bark stopper (from Portugal) and braided blue flex. If your style is more playful than restrained, why not have a little fun with your pendant lights.

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