8 clever sleeping partitions for your one-room apartment

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Nelson W Design Modern style bedroom
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Separating the sleeping area from the living area is one of the most important concerns in a one-room apartment. We all know how handy it is to have just that little bit of a barrier. After all, you don't want guests to end up perched on the edge of your bed! The bedroom is a private space so it should be a place to relax and really switch off from the world. But how can you set up a boundary without blocking natural light or making your small home feel crowded and pokey? Well, here at homify we have lots of professionals who can provide lots of inspiration. Let's check out 8 chic sleeping partitions for a one-room apartment. Enjoy!

1. A faux wall with space for a TV

This bedroom has a great faux wall that's perfect for those who aren't worried about blocking out light. The small wall also creates space for a wall mounted TV unit. What a great touch!

2. A closet posing as a wall

This separating partition is so cleverly disguised it's hard to see. The lower wall on the right is actually a closet that can be accessed from the hallway. The secret here is that it has the exact same shade of white as the permanent walls.

3. A solution for a very small home

This small sleeping loft could have easily felt claustrophobic with an opaque wall. Instead, interior designers and decorators Nelson W Design installed a series of floating timber beams. They make the sleeping area feel cosy and simultaneously allow in lots of light.

4. The full-on floating timber panel solution

If you liked the little loft with floating timber panels we saw earlier, you'll love this set up. This time the floating panels really accentuate the height of this one-room apartment. They don't really separate the space so much as create a psychological boundary around the bedroom.

5. A casually elegant way to divide the space

Sheer floor to ceiling curtains are a really elegant way of creating a bedroom partition. They are a good option for those looking for temporary solutions.

6. Stylish black-framed glass panels

These chic glass panels with black frames are really in vogue at the moment. They have a striking geometric look and create just the right balance of transparency and style in any room.

7. For total privacy

We like this option because it's sure to work in many small one room apartments. The bed is elevated, pushed right up into the corner and the semi-transparent sliding doors offer a lot of privacy.

8. Glossy sliding doors

​Studio Flat Room Divider Sliding Doors by Bravo London. Bravo London Ltd Modern walls & floors Glass Green
Bravo London Ltd

​Studio Flat Room Divider Sliding Doors by Bravo London.

Bravo London Ltd

The sliding doors in this one-room apartment aren't just great sleeping partitions. They also completely define the utterly stylish look in this little home.

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If you have any thoughts on sleeping partitions in a one-room apartment, let us know!

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