7 ways to make your small patio look bigger

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A petite patio is a precious feature in any home. It's often used as an outdoor dining area and tends to take the place of a garden in many small homes. But how can you make the most of a small patio without crowding it up? Well, here at homify we have a plethora of ideas to get you inspired. So come with us to explore just 7 ways to make your small patio look bigger. Who knows, you may even turn your little patio into a mini urban oasis!

1. Green walls

When adding greenery, try to use as much vertical space as possible. This is a far better alternative to crowding up the precious floor space. A green living wall is a lovely option, but climbing plants, vertical water features and hanging plants are always a good option. A trellis or garden fence is often a good way to keep things streamlined. Don't forget that building up the wall also helps create privacy as well.

2. A green canopy

The best small patios evoke the feel of a forest or natural setting. So consider how you might create a canopy ceiling. By hanging plants overhead, you create an airy and natural atmosphere. This also adds depth and dimension to your outdoor space.

3. Fine garden furniture

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Open-Plan Kitchen/Living Room, Ladbroke Walk, London

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Garden furniture should never be clunky or crowd up common walkways. It is best to use fine furniture with a visually lightweight design. If you want the comfort of a place to sprawl, consider built-in units that fit snugly into the corners of the space.

4. Tiered garden beds

Tiered gardens are fantastic for small patios. The garden bed design is suited to a lot of different plant varieties and can even be designed with foliage tumbling down the walls. The overall design also tends to hug the walls and make a small patio feel quite lush. Just check out this great small patio for inspiration.

5. Textured lighting

Outdoor entertaining areas of the past were commonly illuminated with flat and overpowered task lights. It's far better to use textured lighting. This will make a space look larger and more mysterious. So consider the benefits of decorative fairy lights and accent lights. Perhaps you could bury some solar lights within the foliage or hide it behind some accessories for a more subdued look. Then, install a task light that can easily be accessed and switched off when needed.

7. The simple approach

There are so many options for decorating a small patio that it's easy to over furnish such a small space. If you're dealing with a very narrow patio like this, it's best to keep things really simple. Avoid a clutter of small houseplants and choose just a few striking elements. Tall bamboo plants are a very good choice of plant for a small patio. They are also the quintessential choice for Asian-style homes!

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Which of these patio ideas is your favourite?

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