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A 39sqm loft turned into a dream home

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Full disclosure: we love loft apartments. It's a space that has great potential when creative design solutions are put into place. Because it's usually housed in a former industrial or commercial building, the space is often characterised by unique architectural elements. Plus, it's infinitely cooler to say that your home base is an actual loft!

The apartment in focus today is a refurbished, revamped loft, that went from a nondescript space to a truly stylish abode. Austin-based Specht Architects, who redesigned the 39sqm space, has ensured that it has enough private spaces (a huge challenge when it comes to open spaces such as lofts) that have been divided according to different uses. And there are some really smart storage ideas you can steal from here! 

Located at the top of a six-storey brownstone, the apartment has 25 feet of vertical space, which means that the architects could play around with volumes and levels. Let's take a closer look at this micro loft.  

Open-plan design

The entrance takes you directly to the laid-back, modern living room. Incorporating and making the most out of existing structural elements is one of the keys to designing a great loft apartment. Here you can see how the architects have used the beam to separate the living and upper areas. The dark wood almost gives it a den-like feel. 

Industrial-style lofts often retain the exposed concrete or brick walls; that concept has been used here, but by giving it a once-over with white paint, the wall blends in better with its modern surroundings. 

Cohesive design

Multi-level living platforms were created in order to make the most out of the space - a smart idea when you have vertical room to play around with - while still giving it an open and airy feel. It was important for the architects to create a free-flowing interior that didn't need any distinct rooms.  

A small space requires a good imagination to make it livable and desirable, a feat the architects seem to have achieved here!

Minimalist kitchen

The kitchen, in keeping with the style of the rest of the house, is sleek, minimal and extremely stylish. When designing a kitchen in a loft, the standard option is often stainless steel, as it makes for a great contrast to the exposed or textured walls. Here though, the modern aesthetic meant that a glossy white kitchen made much more sense. 

Even though the kitchen space is small, every nook and corner has been used to provide for some form of storage or as a working area. 

Smart storage ideas

The area under stairs is oftentimes one of the most under-utilised or even wasted space in a house. It's where all the mostly-unused things of the household go to gather dust and become completely useless. So why not turn this into a properly-organised, thought-out storage space? 

The architects here built in pull-out drawers and cabinets, which when not in use simply looks like an interesting design element of the stairway. No need for bulky, ugly closets! If you want to renovate your entire home or just parts of it, speak to our experts.

Cosy bedroom

The super-comfy yet minimal bedroom is situated on the third floor. Notice how the cantilevered bed, which stands on wooden beams essentially floats over the living room downstairs! The crisp white walls and dark wood flooring instantly infuse the room with a warm, cosy vibe. The flight of stairs (which has the same storage space as earlier) leads up to a garden terrace, which provides the whole space with ample natural light. 

To see more creative design for small spaces, check out A couple's low-budget 50sqm home.

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