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Those in the know about its worth and use can’t get enough copper. And no, we’re not talking about jovial constables in bobby hats here either. Copper is a unique, dynamic natural material with so many aesthetic and functionality benefits, an industrial workhorse as well as a domestic natural.

Copper brings out a gorgeous, warming and reflective vibe, especially when fused with well-placed interior lights; it’s a versatile material too—use it for lamps, cabinets, interior accoutrements and features, or even, if you’re that way incline, for a lavish 19th century bathtub! A hark back to yesteryear, yet equally modern and timelessly industrial (without being too raw or overbearing), copper pulls out all the aces when brought with panache, sensitivity and class into the right domestic quarters. Take a quick look at the fantastic examples of copper-added scenes below and ponder a few ways on how you can make the most of this resourceful, multi-talented and highly sought after material.

Copper legged Butterfly Chair

This copper framed butterfly chair is a stunning enhancement to this living space; the tan leather perfectly contrasts the deep ultramarine tone to the walls, adds an interesting contemporary element and is a conversational piece in its own right. The original camping chair, designed in the 1930’s in Argentina, is a simple yet timeless approach; it lends itself to many different designs and therefore is the perfect choice for any living space in your home. To enhance the chair’s frame and tan leather, the freestanding floor lamp has been smartly placed directing light and reflecting the warmness of the copper.

Copper bauble downlights

These three hanging lights exemplify the potential copper tones have in increasing the warmth and cosiness of a room. They are reflective and cold to the touch, but the warmness of the copper hue and spherical form, coupled with the comfortable timber furnishings and soft rose palette allows this space to become something special and stylish.

Rustic copper bathtub

William Holland Copper Baths William Holland BathroomBathtubs & showers
William Holland

William Holland Copper Baths

William Holland

Who doesn’t love a rustic copper bathtub, it immediately instils thoughts of a time gone by, mid 19th century England, when water was boiled and slowly the bath was filled.  The essence of this is captured perfectly in this example, showing how the romanticism and charm of a copper tub is still alive and well. These days, copper bathtubs are relatively easy to come by, consider replicating this lovely design in your own abode, simply add matt timber floorboards, heritage furniture and large copper tub, throw in some plush white towels and you have a bathroom fit for a king or queen.

Industrial copper lamp

Industrial lamp Gie El Home Living roomLighting
Gie El Home

Industrial lamp

Gie El Home

What better use for copper pipe, than an ingenious and trendy lamp! This lamp exudes cool and contemporary, its industrial feel is smart and delicate, meaning it is perfect for all types of design, not purely industrial themed interiors. The warmness of the copper again coordinates perfectly with the warmth of the timber and the hardness of the metal contrasts with the softness of the dark wooden table. This cute little lamp would make a perfect feature in a study, living space or even as a bedside lamp; it’s functional and smart, useful and attractive.

Bespoke copper cabinet

Truly the magnum opus of copper designed furniture, this epic and intricate bespoke cabinet shows how much can be achieved when working with a pliable and versatile metal. The delicate and elaborate natural pattern of the treated copper creates depth and mystery. While being a functional piece of furniture this cabinet is also a work of sculptural art, the abstract patinated copper along with the sophisticated construction means this piece is bound to become a talking point, a centrepiece to your room and an heirloom for generations.

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