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Size is never a constraint for home makeovers, if the planning and designing is carried out intelligently. And we are about to witness proof of this in today’s transformation project rendered by Invent Design for a gloomy and tacky home in South Korea. The abode’s small size, cramped and conventional interiors, insufficient lighting and drab facade originally made it seem uninviting and gloomy. But the textiles and upholstery experts converted it with creativity into a spacious and stylishly minimalistic residence with contemporary colours and accents. The revamped home is a neat and smart place to live in for urban dwellers, and is a must see. 

Before: cramped and dreary kitchen

Old walls, nondescript flooring, shabby and dated grey cabinets and old-fashioned fixtures made the kitchen an unappealing space. The drab tiles on the backsplash wall made matters worse.

After: sleek and gleaming

Gleaming black and white cabinets paired with neat white backsplash tiles have magically changed the vibe of the kitchen. Minimalistic fixtures, modern appliances, smart wall shelves and powerful focused lighting augment its spaciousness and make the kitchen seem more breathable. Slim grey tiles on the floor are an elegant alteration too.

Before: too many elements

Bulky and excess furniture, commonplace flooring, inadequate lighting and mindless clutter previously made the living room an unwelcoming space. The lace curtain at the entrance of the living area might have looked charming in the past, but now added to the overall shabby feel of the interiors.

After: bright and roomy

By removing all the excess and clumsy furniture, the living room now looks way more airy and bright than before. The new pale-hued flooring and fresh white walls have helped matters too. Large glass doors with sleek frames bring in oodles of sunlight, while minimalistic design accents lend a contemporary and streamlined appearance to the area.

Before: filthy facade

Clad in dated and dirty brown bricks, the facade looked unbecoming and depressing. The beauty of the stylish arches was lost in the clutter, dreary steps, and wild foliage surrounding the property.

After: elegant grey makeover

A fresh coat of stylish grey paint has now transformed the old facade into a modern marvel. The modish arches look well-defined now, and the quirky wooden trimming is a unique addition. The large glass windows have been revamped, and the entrance door is a dark wood and glass affair that offers chic contrast to the grey walls. The filthy steps have been done away with, and a smart wooden patio exudes a cosy and inviting vibe to greet visitors.

With the help of minimalistic design and decor changes, smart hues and contemporary cabinetry, this once small and glum home has been turned into a spacious and cheerful sanctuary for a modern family. If you're looking for more ideas, here’s another transformation story: 4 stunning kitchen makeovers to inspire you.

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