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What NOT to do when decorating your small bathroom

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Small rooms often present a host of different design challenges and dilemmas. When it comes to living in a compact abode, more often than not, it is the bathroom that suffers due to its cramped or cloistered layout. Bathrooms are commonly the smallest area in one’s home, and because of this, they require creativity with regards to the décor and furniture that is implemented. At the end of the day, you want a room that is style, yet still comfortable.

The right design choices will ensure you achieve your goals, and can create extra space as if it were magic. To succeed and triumph in your bathroom design, you need to look at what you need to do, but also what stylistic details you should avoid. Today we are going to look at the latter.

Read on below to learn how to create a small bathroom that boasts style and functionality, while more importantly, learn what NOT to do when attempting your new design!

1. Don't clutter the floor

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Limited legroom in the bathroom means you are going to have to deal with accessibility and style issues in your compact space. 

Give your bathroom a helping hand and opt for a pedestal sink, or even better, a wall-mounted one. By employing floating furniture you will free up space, and offer your room a cleaner, refined aesthetic. 

2. Don't paint your ceiling a dark colour

In small spaces, dark hues can create a closed-in feeling. If you are opting for a DIY home renovation, and haven't sought professional design advice, stick to the basics and paint your ceiling the same colour as your walls. 

A single unifying colour (such as white) will assist with any angular architectural features, while perceptively extending your space. So, for a cleaner and less problematic design, choose a muted, neutral and specific hue. 

3. Don't avoid adding pops of colour

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A small bathroom needs something to create interest, and ensure it is welcoming and enjoyable. The solution to this is often adding pops of colour. Don't be afraid to employ a bright towel hue, some lovely plants in bright pots, or colourful accessories. 

In a neutral bathroom this is a quick and stylish ways to mix up the colour scheme, which in turn makes the space far more engaging and lively.

4. Don't leave your walls empty

Designers and bathroom planners know which walls to leave bare and which ones to decorate and adorn. When decorating your compact washroom, you need to utilise your wall space, and avoid wasting it. Wall-hung shelving offers storage, while artwork can add pops of colour and life. 

If you are unsure how to decorate or adorn a wall in your bathroom, indoor plants often brighten the space, and can be planted in wall-mounted vases and pots, which save your floor space. 

5. Don't scrimp on shower tiles

When tiling, don't simply tile the shower, take those wall tiles from the floor to the ceiling and create an eye-catching feature within your space. Lengthening the tiles will also draw the eye upwards, offering the perception of a larger and more spacious room. 

Additionally, fewer transitions and more tiles can create an enhanced sense of luxury, which is often hard to achieve in a tiny space. 

6. Don't include a shower door

Get rid of your shower door, and instead opt for a shower curtain or simply nothing at all. This small bathroom would be unbearable with shower doors in place, but feels comfortable thanks to the lack of partitions. 

7. Don't forget your mirror

Mirrors reflect light, and enhance the overall ambience in a compact room. Expand and lengthen your mirror as much as possible, this will ensure light bounces off of a larger surface area, in turn creating a more spacious and airy bathroom. 

8. Don't opt for all white

When decorating, keep your room neutral and stylish, but don't be afraid to add patterns and colours. Wallpaper often provides character and can be balanced with neutral hues to remain open and sophisticated.  

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Do you agree with our list? Let us know your suggestions below!

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