Small home solutions: 6 places to add more storage

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When you dwell in a small home but you want to live big, you need to make a few alterations to the way you store your domestic odds and ends. Life in a compact dwelling needn’t mean sacrificing style, nor should it mean living amongst mess and clutter. Today on homify we’ve got 6 ideas that will show you how to get more from your tiny home, with these creative storage solutions.

From bookshelf walls to hanging bicycles, there really isn’t anything that can’t be solved with a little smart thinking and clever reasoning. If you need a helping hand, would like to give your home a mini-makeover, or simply need to rid yourself of clutter and mess, read on below!

1. Wall dividers meet bookshelf storage

Designers and architects know how to make the most of space within the home, and this example proves it! In this studio apartment space, we can see the way the layout of the home is crucial to its success. A wall divider has been placed between a sleeping/living area, and another dining area behind. However, it is the wall divider itself that is truly delightful.

Offering a space to hold plates, kitchenware, and other domestic accessories, we’re sure this room is as practical as it is stylish. Consider adding a bookshelf divider in your home, and utilise it to delineate space, as well as hold your household essentials.

2. Hang everything on the walls

BTO @ Punggolin Hotel Style Designer House Modern living room
Designer House

BTO @ Punggolin Hotel Style

Designer House

Pretty much everything that doesn’t have a storage space can be hung on the walls of your dwelling. Now, this doesn’t have to look unsightly, many items can be hung in attractive and eye-catching ways. In this living room, we see how the occupants have included their two bicycles within the space, hanging them on a custom holder that is safe and effective.

If you only have one bike, there are plenty of alternatives that are practical, usable and perfectly sophisticated.

3. Add extra shelving above your kitchen island

Shelving can be added to many different areas of one’s home, but hanging over the kitchen island is a particularly great solution to a lack of space. There are lots of different options when it comes to choosing a type of shelf, with many individuals opting for simple hanging racks that stylishly display cookware and utensils.

4. Hidden furniture leaves more room for storage

When we think of storage space we immediately imagine storing accessories, papers, and domestic miscellany, but what about furniture? In a small dwelling it can be impossible to keep certain items of furniture out in the open. Especially compact homes struggle with dining spaces, and living rooms, with many opting for one or the other. 

However, in this neat and ultra sophisticated example, we see a cupboard that stores and hides a dining table. Perfect for pulling out in the morning for breakfast, or at night for dinner, this storage is sure to revolutionise the way your plan your home.

5. Add shelves to the back of your cupboards

Adding shelves to the back of your kitchen cupboards is a highly effective way to increase your kitchen storage space by a third. Better yet, this solution can be easily retrofit to any joinery, doesn’t require professional assistance, and utilises an oft-neglected space in the home.

6. Embrace the space in your stairs

Many small homes have sleeping platforms or loft beds. The stairs leading up to these spaces, as well as regular staircases, can provide a helpful and unique area to store everything from books to clothing. Make the most of your under stair space and rethink it today!

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Do you have any storage suggestions for compact homes? Let us know below!

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