9 sparkling ways to add metallics to your home

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Bronx Eclectic style living room
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If you love the glowing, sophisticated look of metallic interiors, we have lots of inspiration to get you planning a metallic home makeover. The metallics look can fit a whole spectrum of styles. It can be industrial, contemporary, minimalist and even retro. Despite its huge versatility, there are a few common rules that should really be followed when using gold and silver accents in the home. After all, a bad metallic makeover might leave your home looking a little garish and over the top. So, without further ado, come with us on a photo tour to learn 9 ways to master the metallic look…

1. Pendant lights

Light fittings are often one of the easiest ways to introduce metallics into your home. The light will bounce off the metallic framework and give the home that extra gloss. Metallics also look good with geometric style furnishings as well. Check out this style of geometric style pendant light. This style is hugely popular at the moment and widely available. Note how the geometric splashback is tied into the look and has an extra high-gloss sheen as well.

2. Minimalism

Viocero Antago Q VIOCERO BedroomLighting

Viocero Antago Q


Metallics can pack a fairly powerful punch - particularly when using brassy pieces. They can be a little too much when used to excess. So they are often best matched with a minimalist decor. The good thing is that metallics can be used to introduce textures and sheer to a monochrome decor.

3. Small accessories

Contemporary Greys and Mixed Metallics Heather Interior Design Living roomAccessories & decoration
Heather Interior Design

Contemporary Greys and Mixed Metallics

Heather Interior Design

Look at how you might introduce metallics through small accessories such as the pillows or a small throw rug. This gorgeous gold pillow adds a whole lot of glitz without overpowering this living room. Note how the golden tones are reflected in the warm lamps in the background. Finally, note how beautifully it works in this blue/grey living room. Blue is the complimentary colour to yellow and can often be a good choice.

4. Kitchen fixtures and accessories

The kitchen is really the prime place to explore the power of metallics. Stainless steel appliances often provide the perfect starting point. Perhaps you could style it up with some pendant lights or an awesome gold splashback like this. But introducing metallics into the kitchen doesn't necessarily need to be an expensive project. An iron railing could be installed and pots and pans can be put on display.

5. Use black to make metallics pop

Viocero | Antago CH Table & Desk Lamp VIOCERO

Viocero | Antago CH Table & Desk Lamp


Black walls look fabulous against gold and brass metallics. Black provides a neutral base that really makes these colours pop. Just be careful to use this power judiciously! This simple living room looks stunning because it's been paired with a minimalist look.

6. Introduce metallics with subtle details

Metallics don't always need to be the centre of focus. Add a little luxury by sprinkling them throughout the home in the finest of details. This will help avoided the dreaded overdone look and give your home a subtle flourish. Metallics have found their way into many modern wallpaper designs. If you don't dare change up the wall, perhaps you could frame some small pieces in simple white frames. Any artwork with gold leaf will help. Perhaps you could even find some awesome gold coffee tables like this.

7. Match with art deco style furnishings

If you love retro interiors, check out art deco style furnishings. The best thing about art deco elements is that they give your home a modern gloss while retaining all the class and sophistication of antiques. This style is undergoing a resurgence so there are lots of reproductions available online.

8. Don't forget the mirrors

Boomtown side table Loaf Living roomSide tables & trays Glass Metallic/Silver

Boomtown side table


Don't forget that mirrors are a part of the metallics look too! Mirrored furniture is everywhere at the moment. The best thing about mirrored furniture is that you can mix and match smaller pieces to really suit your space. That means no clunky mirrors reflecting the messy parts of your home.

9. Industrial style inspiration

We just had to include an industrial style bathroom in this list. The brass piping is definitely one of our favourite elements here. This kind of element can always be introduced through other means though. Pipe fittings can be easily found and screwed together by hand. Use them to create bookshelves, tables and more… The only limit is your imagination!

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Which of these gleaming interiors is your favourite?

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