8 creative ways to combine different decor styles

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In our increasingly globalised and multi-faceted culture, there are innumerable interior designs, concepts and décor opportunities. Often, you may feel as though you would like to incorporate a diverse fusion of two of more styles, and produce a unified and pioneering scheme. A merged pairing of multiple fundamentals and models, combining different genres offers infinite options, and a way to generate unique ideas and themes.

But where should you begin? Part of fashioning and forming a new design is to play around with existing guidelines, and break the rules to see what works and what doesn’t. Conceivably you might like to blend a rustic chalet-esque aesthetic with minimalist contemporary features? Or perhaps you fancy vintage components juxtaposed against modern, sleek interior décor? 

To learn more and benefit from a few hints, check out the following examples below, and transform your abode in an unusual and distinctive way.

1. Look at aura and ambience

Another key aspect to fusing style is to look at aura, ambience and the atmosphere within your space. This is a fundamental element of your room, and will determine whether an area feels inviting or not. Avoid combining elements that make you feel uneasy, and remember to find cohesive characteristics to draw the entire theme together. 

2. Rustic modernity

Main 17th Century Barn Space Beech Architects Country style living room
Beech Architects

Main 17th Century Barn Space

Beech Architects

Juxtaposing two different styles can work well if you keep the colour scheme neutral and in keeping. In this example the rustic barn home incorporates a cream feature wall and modern furniture effortlessly and seamlessly. 

3. Eclectic and retro

St Johns Avenue Flower Michelin Modern style bedroom
Flower Michelin

St Johns Avenue

Flower Michelin

Two styles that work well together are eclectic and retro. If you fancy yourself a vintage shopper, you should look at implementing some of your heritage finds, with 'out of the box' colours and furniture. 

4. Look at pattern and texture

When combining styles, focus on patterns and textures to link the design. You want to achieve cohesion in your interior space, and this can be done through the use of similar motifs and textures. For example, you could employ traditional timber furniture, and add contemporary wall panelling that coordinates and matches. 

5. Work with colour

Another way to link and fuse different styles is to work with colour. Focus on a chosen colour palette and carry that through to your furniture and your interior aesthetic. In this room, we see that the designers have opted for dark earthy tones, and this is present in the modern furniture, as well as the traditional construction. 

6. Blending styles

Your interior architecture is a crucial design tool that can help fuse and blend different styles. Choose statement pieces and aspects of your interior (such as the staircase), and let it stand out from the crowd. In this heritage home, the interior is surprisingly modern. The stairs present a design that is different from the typical, original design, while the cohesive colour scheme helps bring together the different elements. 

7. Traditional furniture with contemporary colours

One of the easiest ways to combine different styles is to pick a generalised theme, and enhance it with a modern hue. 

In this example we see a gorgeous traditional styled bedroom, that has been given a fusion of modernity with the bright yellow upholstered trunk. 

8. Final touches

Sometimes, the final touches can make all the difference between a successful space, and a less than enjoyable area. This involves the addition of accessories, accoutrements and adornments, which will bring together the character and charisma of the room, while imparting a welcoming and alluring aesthetic. 

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Have you had any success fusing interior styles? Let us know in the comments below!

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