10 space-saving secret weapons

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Saving space is certainly one of the biggest concerns in a small home. This of course has spawned a countless variety of space-saving solutions and gadgets. But it's the secret little storage ideas that are often overlooked. These furniture and storage ideas may have been around a long time and don't have the glitz of newer organisers. But they have proven their worth and just keep returning to our little homes time and time again. So today, we will present 10 space-saving secret weapons. Get ready to starting finding more space in your small home!

1. Lofty designs

Here at homify we love a good loft, and truly believe that these brilliant household additions are space-saving secret weapons.

Perfect for an extra bedroom, den, reading area, or simply to store extra domestic odds and ends, a loft is ideal for anyone looking to make the most of their interior space.

2. Pedestal table

Pedestal tables are a little retro and definitely save on space. Just think of how many more chairs you can fit around a little table when you don't have to worry about bumping into table legs…

3. Coffee table and storage box in one

The humble coffee table storage box is really the best place to store gadgets and remote controls. You might even attach some wheels so it can be moved out of sight. 

4. Sliding kitchen drawers

Sliding kitchen drawers are a wonder when it comes to making the most of a small kitchen. They help you gain access to the far reaches of the cupboards and make cleaning a breeze.

5. The hanging stool

Simple, old fashioned hooks can be used to make the best use of wall space. Here we can see how it can be used to store a collapsible stool or foldable chair. That means no more tripping over a chair that only has occasional use.

6. Nesting tables

Nesting tables were once associated with 70s style furniture. Luckily they have made a huge comeback and are available in more options. Some, like this, can be used as stools and tables. Nesting kitchen bowls are another space saver too.

7. Smart furniture

A smart wooden table with secret storage shelves and a decent height could end up being the central space saver in a small home. It could be pushed up against the kitchen area to create extra bench space and do triple duty as a desk and dining space as well.

8. All-in-one furniture unit

An all-in-one furniture unit can very easily accommodate a folding desk. All you need to do is attach a simple hinge, piece of wood and fold out support stem.

9. Drawer and closet organisers

Drawer and closet organisers are definitely one of the quiet achievers when it comes to saving space in the home. If they are paired with simple boxes for rarely used items, you're on fire! 

10. Wall-mounted TV

Flat screen TVs can be mounted on really the most awkward and little narrow wall. Just check out this small living room. The placement of the mounted TV really helps orientate the focus of the living room towards its best feature—the view.

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Do you have any space-saving essentials you can share with us?

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