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Picture this—a hot, balmy summer’s day, gentle breeze on the skin, glorious sun baring down from brilliant blue sky high above, a platter of treats and drinks to keep cool, and you, lounging back, soaking it all up on your very own private outdoor terrace. Is there anywhere sweeter that a fully appointed summer terrace space when the temperature elevates and the rays begin to spill? Short of lazing by a secluded beach on a tropical, majestic island, the outdoor terrace delivers summer joy in spades, the icing on the cake to an already well-designed and decked-out home design. With a well designed terrace, you’re home will become an entertainment paradise, the most sought after spot to enjoy the company of guests, hold dinner parties and sip champagne and white wine so many sizzling afternoons and lusty romantic evenings. As the bridge between indoor and outdoor, a good terrace can really open up the rest of your home too, giving it a unique aesthetic flavour to complement your gorgeous interiors. 

Here’s a few brilliant and jealously-inducing examples of how to create the perfect summertime terrace in your home.

Gimme shelter

Strong and robust, stylish and minimalist, here’s a refined terrace that speaks class and sophistication. With an elevated domestic setting like this, you’d be missing out on a great vista opportunity without an appropriate terrace setup—here, polished, deep wood boards meet stripped wood walls and marble with concrete balustrade to provide an admirable, sheltered book, the perfect space to lay back and soak up the canal waterway views and passing by ships.

Riviera revelation

What was all that talk about being on a tropical island again? With this sort of terrace setup, forget about that—this is the ultimate in summertime luxury: airy and open, a full-length, wide wooden terrace leading into lavish Infinity bathing pool, perched on the edge of a peninsula cliff face. Whether you’ve got access to such incredible views or not, this is the way to really open up to the summertime climes.

The ultimate apartment

Not every home has the luxury of space at its disposal to create abundant, sweeping terrace areas, but that doesn’t mean they have to go without—remember, it’s always about using what space you have in clever, innovative ways. This decadent and cute New York style apartment maximises its space, transforming a poky balcony into a glam, movie star terrace nook—just add mini lounge, feature drinks table, mini BBQ-grill and accoutrements for evening fry ups and these sleek black flower pots for a little gorgeous greenery that creates a sense of privacy and seclusion without creating too much of a barrier. Deluxe!

Summertime glory

Don’t you just love ‘flow’ in a design interior, where lines are seamless and rooms blend into the next with seamless fruition. Extend that to the outdoor areas and you’ve got truly dreamy space to spend your lazy afternoons. By taking its cue from the wooden floorboards of the interior spaces and drawing them outward, this terrace generates a whole extra ‘wing’ here, a free flowing space where the barrier between in and out is not so defined, and a sensation of luxury and ease truly prospers.

Cosy brick nook

Of course, a good, reliable terrace ought to be one that you can use not just in the summertime but all year round—here, in this country home setting, a brick nook provides a perfect outdoor shelter for all seasons. Wind, rain or heatwave, you’ll be lounging back in style soaking up the views on your wooden lounge, sipping and supping from platters and drinks, enjoying the solitude.

Shakespeare’s patio

What a delightful romantic nook! A truly gorgeous space, coddled by flowers and creeping star jasmine, especially designed for outdoor dining area and long carry-on nights with your favourite guests. Soak up the morning sun here over breakfast, again in the twilight evening over dinner, and when night falls, light some candles and maybe even read a little poetry—the setting is just right for it.

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