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The mezzanine is a highly sought after, multi-purpose architectural wonder, yet its versatility means that so many are often left confused as to what one actually is. Isn’t it the tops tier of the fancy theatre down the road? Sure is. More precisely though, a mezzanine (or entresol) is a raised platform or level that exists in between the main floors or levels of a building. Mezzanine is derived from the Italian word, ‘Mezzano’, which means ‘middle’. So there you have it. In the world of interior design, whether independent of the original architecture or not, a ‘mezzanine’ can be extended to broader balcony areas and any cutaway or freestanding elevated floor sections. A mezzanine can add so much to the feel, functionality and aesthetic of a domestic space—whether used for storage, entertainment, sleeping quarters, or as an the adjunct to a balcony, the in-house mezzanine is highly versatile and has got a lot going on for itself—check out these fabulous examples below and try a little mezzanine on for size to really open up your house and make the most of your wonderful space.

Clean, modern chic

Cool, sophisticated, modern and classic, here’s a mezzanine touch that provides the ultimate in functionality and aesthetic edge, giving this neat open plan apartment ample floor and storage space and really opening the whole place up. Side stairs lead up to the mezzanine floor, adorned with glasswork barriers for maximum visibility, offering a lavish reading platform and relaxation space as an alternative to the delightfully appointed ground floor dining room.

The rustic tuckaway

Sometimes the purpose is a mezzanine is not at all to hog the limelight and steal the show, nor provide additional floor space as such—here, in this graceful, subcontinent-inspired bedroom, a short-run mezzanine section is tucked up above the bedhead wall, delivering a neat, out of the way elevated row of storage space, effortlessly accessible by a well selected sturdy white ladder. Neat and classy.

The breather

This is a classic mezzanine setup, what might be best referred to as ‘a breather’—not just because it opens up the apartment space and it’s myriad possibilities, but because it’s provides a sturdy and thoughtful spot to take a quick breather in between making your trips up and down the stairs. A neat design, this mezzanine takes it’s cue from the staircase, an adjunct level that gives great additional floor space without compromising what’s on the ground. On the contrary, it complements it.

Atrium aesthetics

It sure can be a fine line between a balcony and a mezzanine; this example shows us a neat blend. What an amazing space! Light, open, breezy and dramatic, a warehouse revamp with character and personality—and a trim and elegant ladder (if not a little challenging) facing off against remarkable artistic statue in the opposite corner, while leading high up to a supplementary atrium viewing parlour and storage nook. A truly unique and impressive take on the traditional mezzanine.

Cutaway classic

Not exactly a full floor, not exactly a traditional mezzanine, this elegant modern domestic home functions and breathes so well with this classic cutaway configuration. Losing next to no floor space at all, while maximising it’s visual aesthetic and overall feel, this mezzanine setup gives the optimum balance between open-plan and more secluded living.

Ideal island

Wow! Now this mezzanine will have your guests talking. The designers here have taken great lengths, and imagination, to employ a mezzanine island—a private, elevated multi-purpose bedroom or study space accessible via stylish bright white stairs. So much character and charm in this warehouse setting, yet the mezzanine is truly the star of the show.

Split-level hideaway

When it comes to cosy, modern apartment living, sometimes the best way to make the most of your floor space is by creating more—rooms with high ceilings lend themselves particularly well to duel-sections. Here, a mezzanine level works especially well to provide both a bedroom and lounge or sitting room space in the single room setup.

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