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Fabio Azzolina Architetto Modern living room
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Think of Italy, and instantly images of high fashion, stunning architecture and scrumptious food are conjured up. This is especially true in the city of Milan where elegance and sophistication are redefined and where wearing jeans and a tank top might qualify you as being a tad dowdy. So, is it any surprise then that this sense of style extends into their homes as well?

In today's 360° project, as you may have guessed, we look at an Italian apartment that is oozing with an understated style that is instantly covetable. Occupying a space of 120sqm, it is an exercise in restraint that still comes out on the other side as warm and charming. The trick here was to pick a few key pieces that would speak volumes without being overwhelming. Designed by Fabio Azzolina Architects, this elegant modern apartment is a surefire way to get your creativity fired up 

Classic contemporary

A first look of the apartment reveals a clean, modern style with bold strokes of an elegant character. Located in Via Crespi, the apartment was renovated and refitted to meet the requirements of a young couple. The predominant colours here are that flag-bearer of sophistication—white and the warm honey oak flooring, which interestingly has a different orientation depending on which room you are in. 

Another thing the couple has going on for them is the bright natural light that floods into the apartment, opening up the space further. 

Luxurious details

Let's take a closer look at the details in the living room, particularly that plush and comfy couch. Instead of opting for the trendy Scandi-style, the architects instead looked around until they found a designer couch that would be a statement piece in itself. The other elements here are decidedly contemporary yet classic. 

Notice how the living room is separated from the hallway by sliding panels (in a dark walnut tone) instead of traditional doors, keeping the space more fluid and hence, more airy. Sliding panels are a great idea when you have a limited space but still want tangible dividers; speak to our experts who can help you with this.

White on light

We absolutely adore this bright and welcoming kitchen plus dining area. Here, the light almost acts as a design feature or at least an extension of it. This is alleviated by the powerful use of white throughout practically every surface in the kitchen.

The style here is minimal (not even door handles or knobs are to be seen!), but a cosy traditional warmth is brought in with the addition of features like that dining table and the wishbone chairs. To give it a more eclectic feel, elements are mixed here throughout the apartment; here you can see that in the modern chandelier. 

A library in the hallway

It's always a pleasure to see corridors and hallways that are utilised to its maximum capacity. The architects found an ingenious use for the long, spacious hallway in this apartment—they simply built in a library! They created a recess that runs along the right-hand side of the wall, and included built-in ceiling lights that shed light on both the shelves as well as the hallway. 

Normally pesky but necessary things such as the WiFi router have been indiscreetly placed at the entrance where it merges rather seamlessly with the other design elements. 

Vintage strokes

This is one of the two bathrooms in this spacious apartment. While the first bathroom is done up in a more opulent style, this one has a more elegant and vintage aesthetic to it. The freestanding tub and sink space (a remnant from the original design) are minimal yet classic. Along with details such as the gilded mirror frame, the gold metal-plated shelf and the marble flooring, this contemporary bathroom would fit right in in a country house. 

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What did you think of this chic apartment that mixes elements and styles?

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