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The family home of cool concrete

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Nobuyoshi Hayashi Modern dining room
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Today’s home is a juxtaposition of textures, tones, stylistic choices and history. Planned and conceived by the Japan-based team at Nobuyoshi Hayashi, this traditional shaped dwelling boasts a common heritage shape and form, with present-day individualities, and indispensable 21st-century conveniences.

Thinking outside the box, the astute design team have taken quaint cottage aesthetics, and paired them with attention-grabbing characteristics. Concrete is utilised throughout, providing a sense of modernity, while the original gabled structure evokes subtle heritage nuances. Conflicting in its inimitable aesthetic, the free-standing home has an urbane prominence, which warrants its over-arching sense of age-defiance. 

Unrelenting in its attitude and ‘look at me’ persona, this abode is a truly unique experience. If you would like to take a tour inside, check out the images below, and explore this innovative and captivating residence.

A façade of contrasts

The façade is a contradiction. On the one hand the home is traditional, with many similarities to the surrounding architectural vernacular. One the other hand, it is urban, unique and forward thinking. It is modern, with contemporary features, and a central awareness of its own personality.

With plenty of modern features contrasted against the original structure, we notice the conservatory room, which juts out from the front of the dwelling. Cubist, with a sense of modernity, this stark space is warm in its appearance, emanating a golden glow from within.

The dark window frames work almost like eyeliner for the abode, highlighting the window spaces, and adding drama to the overall appearance. With a welcoming timber front door, we can’t wait to see what is inside.

Textures and tones

As we enter the dwelling we see that the design and décor is very strongly linked to a sense of traditional Japanese design. With a minimalist aesthetic, this home utilises timber as a main material, embracing it for its warm ambience, as well as a way to introduce different textures and tones within the interior.

The vaulted timber ceiling adds stature to the dining room and kitchen, while glazing has been maximised to offer inordinate views of the scenic and lush garden beyond.

Intriguing stylistic choices

Changing our perspective within the room we get a glimpse of the stylistic colour scheme choices, as well as some of the light fittings in more detail. Every element and part of this home’s design has been sympathetically and attentively deliberated, ensuring an effective interior. The scheme inside this room is retro in its design, with a robust mid-century modern appeal. This reiterates the original model for the home; a modern abode with traditional foundations.

Tranquillity and harmony

As we move back to the entrance way for the home, we see how the design evokes a sense of serenity and harmony. With cool blue-grey tones, this particular space utilises its available natural light to offer a cool and calm aesthetic. Additionally, herringbone timber floors help add warmth to the room, offering a hard-wearing and timeless alternative. Warm, welcoming and very alluring, this residence simply glows!

Modern, eye-catching detail

One of the best features of the dwelling is the avant-garde staircase. Taking the home’s design to the next level, this geometric piece of furniture embraces floating steps that are both modern and practical.

A wonderfully attention-grabbing feature for the home, the designers have chosen a dark grey hue to contrast against the light tread.

A separate workspace

Remember that room that you could see from the image of the home’s façade? Next up we take a peek inside. This area of the house functions as a workspace, with a separated aesthetic due to its situation, however, it is still well-connected to the other rooms within the abode. Inspirationally setup with walls of glass, this home office is sure to provide enough space for at least two adults, along with ample shelving for storage of household miscellany.

Clever window placement

As we end our tour, we take one final peek into the bathroom. Here privacy has been maximised by placing the window on an angle. This allows ample illumination into the space, but also keeps a sense of isolation. With bright yet serene blue walls, this sleek and chic wash space is definitely a successful and well-considered bathroom.

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