The dazzling makeover of an awful apartment

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Francesca Greco - HOME|Philosophy Modern dining room
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The biggest challenge for any renovation expert is how to give a home a contemporary makeover without compromising the fundamentals of the old structure. This challenge was taken up for Maison Fleury by the home stagers at Francesca Greco—Home Philosophy in fashionable Milano. Here lay a quaint home that was stuck in the pre-war era without much success at moving into the next century. But with the help of soothing hues, stylish furnishings, and simple but elegant accents, the stagers transformed the look and feel of the abode miraculously. Intrigued to see more? Let's take a look…

Before: lacklustre surroundings

While the home had many classic elements and ample scope to rise and shine, it exuded a dull and tired look. The cabinet at the far end did not match the sofa or the chairs, while the chaos of a half-finished layout was apparent in every corner.

After: the best-laid plans…

The main hall now boasts a wonderful layout, creating an open look even as it embraces the classic qualities of the home. One wall at the far end has been given a splash of pastel paint, while the old patterned sofas have been cleaned up and arranged artfully to create a soothing aesthetic. The sleek and modern entertainment unit matches the new-age dining table in chrome and glass perfectly.

After: monochrome meets pastel

In the living room, the home stagers have kept the original patterns on the couches intact. But they also introduced a sleek, monochrome entertainment and shelving unit that adds a dose of contemporary pizzazz to the room. This also matches well with the pastels in the area.

Before: chaotic kitchen

Dated patterns on the backsplash and a mismatched wooden hue on the laminated cabinets made the kitchen an unsightly space that needed immediate design intervention.

After: a glowing new culinary space

The glow of good design now marks this space, with country-style white cabinets sitting below the granite countertop. Above this, the wooden cabinetry gets a matching cream backsplash for a cohesive look, while the fittings have been replaced and concealed neatly.

Before: tarnished bedroom

The furniture in the bedroom, once charming, had become stained and tarnished with time. The colours were an eyesore too.

After: a soothing white boudoir

The bulky and ornate pieces from before have been swapped for simple open shelves and white closets, making the space look even larger.

After: cosy luxury

Neutrals adorn the luxurious bed here, while a wonderful natural view peeks in from the open glass doors leading onto the terrace. The idyllic-looking bedroom has been recreated in white and neutrals for a luxurious effect.

So you see how simple and tasteful touches along with bright and cheery colours can transform a home dramatically? Here’s another makeover story for more ideas: The revamp of a dreadfully dark kitchen.

Are you a fan of the neutral decor scheme in this revamped home?

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