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ristrutturami Minimalist living room
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30sqm is really not a lot of space to work with; it straddles that dangerously rickety fence that separates a diminutive studio with which you just make do and a small apartment that has just enough space. 30sqm is neither sorrowfully cramped nor quite comfortable enough. But this is all without accounting for what one can do with the application of smart design. The tiny apartment in the spotlight today doesn't have much room to play around with, but you would be hard put to guess how little room it actually has. 

Designed by the Milan-based Ristrutturami Architects, this gorgeous apartment looks like it's straight out of a luxury homes magazine. It's not an easy feat to achieve. How does one fit everything into a tiny apartment and yet manage to make it look elegant and sophisticated? Thankfully, the architects didn't have to account for storage to accommodate a life's worth of accumulated stuff since the apartment has been designed for a businessman who uses Milan as his base camp. But it was also important that the space didn't just look like another expensive hotel room. Read on to find out how the space was transformed into a warm and classy home.

Suave sophistication

It's a no-brainer that a space as limited as this needs to have an open-plan layout; any walls would only lead to a crippling case of claustrophobia. Instead of laying it all out on one level though, the architects designed a miniature loft, and made that the bedroom. The potentially empty space under the loft has been converted into cleverly-integrated storage cabinets. 

This is Italy we're talking about after all, so you won't find any assembly-line furniture here. Two sleek leather armchairs are faced directly in front of the only window in the apartment. 

Functional aesthetics

Living in a tiny space can lead to a feeling of claustrophobia—fast. That's why in well-designed small apartments, especially those that do not have access to a lot of natural light, you will see plenty of lights all around that impart a sense of warmth and cosiness. We particularly love how the wall lights here seem to hover above the floating stairs, creating a wonderful illusion of floating candles! When working with a small space, it might seem like a waste to include large aesthetic details, but the trick (as is seen here) is to blend aesthetic appeal with functionality. The guy needed a way to get up to his bedroom, right?

A fold-away kitchenette

You know storage cabinets, but have you seen one that stores away your kitchen You have now. This tiny little kitchenette is hidden behind one of the integrated cabinets in the hallway, and can simply be shown the door (so to speak) when you're done with it. The kitchen itself holds only the very basic necessities—a sink, an electric stove top, a microwave, a dishwasher and a couple of pull-out drawers for storage. Because let's admit it, does a travelling businessman need much more than that?

Stylish bathroom

The impressive bathroom is designed keeping in mind the overall design scheme—chic and minimal. This is a rather spacious bathroom for an apartment of this size and the most has been made out of it. Sleek, modern fixtures co-exist harmoniously with earthy accessories and features. For example, a deep wash-basin bowl is placed atop a single plank of polished wood giving it a suitably spa-like vibe. 

Small bathrooms can be a challenge but it's not impossible to create a relaxing space out of it; speak to our experts for more tips and tricks. 

Loft bedroom redefined

Who knew loft bedrooms could look sophisticated! A king-sized mattress occupies nearly all the space here and still manages to look effortlessly stylish. A rectangular recess in the wall with a gold finish acts as the only design element in this space. Note the wall-mounted reading lamp, a great idea in small bedrooms where you cannot afford to waste any space on bedside tables. 

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