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We all know that a child's bedroom spells one thing: loads of stuff. From toys to clothes to little treasures picked up on walks in the park (read: sticks and stones), children's bedrooms are a magnet for piles of clutter. And no matter how well trained the little ones, this clutter more often than not ends up strewn across the floor; who amongst us hasn't had the pleasure of treading on a stray lego brick in bare feet and giving out a yelp of pain and surprise? Storage, then, is crucial in a child's bedroom. If you have plenty of space in which to stow teddies, lego bricks, sticks, stones, and all the rest, then you can at least clear a space to walk through without risk of grievous harm to your bare feet. There are plenty of ideas out there, from shelving to closets to more inventive solutions, and we've collected some below to get you started on your de-cluttering mission. Once the storage is in place, the next step is to get your child to put those toys and clothes away themselves; that, however, we unfortunately can't help you with!

All-in-one unit

Children's beds have the advantage of being rather small things, which means they can be easily integrated into an all-in-one storage solution, as we can see here. A wide plinth hosts a mattress, giving plenty of space underneath for a series of coloured drawers. Kids will get a kick, too, out of sleeping at an elevated height; having a wide plinth ensures there's no risk they'll fall out. Fabric drawer-boxes like these ones are incredibly useful: keep one kind of toy in each, and then when your child wants to play they can remove the drawer altogether, take out the toys, and then, at the end, (hopefully!) stow them all away again and replace the drawer neatly on its shelf.

The simple solution

Sometimes the tried, true, and simple ideas are just fine. Integrating a large closet into a bunk bed system saves on space, and will mean that all those little kiddie trinkets can be packed away out of sight behind closed doors. Clean, modern lines, as here, make for a neat and elegant room.

Under the bed

An ingenious solution, this one. Again, the bed is raised, but rather than having a 'bottom bunk' this design has created a whole playroom under the raised bed. The portholes mean the little ones can look out, and pretend they're sailors, but also have the advantage that tired parents can just toss any toys that have escaped into the main room back in through them at the end of a long day. Every so often, a playroom tidy and de-clutter may be necessary, but for day-to-day this is an extremely effective way to contain the mess, while delighting your kids with their very own hideout.

Use every inch

If you have exposed beams, or have converted an attic space for your kid to sleep in, why not put the cross-beams to good use to house little-used toys or teddies? This will get them up off the floor, and also provide free decor for the space.

Staggered bunks

Rather than integrating a closet into the end of a set of bunks, as above, this design staggers the two bunk beds, creating space for a closet at the head, rather than the end. If you have problems with one child distracting the other at bedtime by kicking at or banging on the upper bunk (who, as a child themselves, hasn't done this?!) staggering the bunks like this will nip that in the bud. Extra drawer space under the bottom bunk is an added boon. 

Floor to ceiling

When it comes to storage, using vertical space is crucial, and nowhere more so than in a child's bedroom. Build in shelving on a side wall and watch that floor clutter disappear. While it's nice to get all that stuff behind closed doors or into a drawer, it can also be fun to leave the shelving open to the world, to show off all of those cute toys and knick knacks. 

Like what you've seen? Got any great storage ideas of your own? Share them with us in the comments!

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