8 tricks to organise your home—and keep it that way!

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It's no secret that an organised home is more pleasant, calming and easier to live in than a messy home. So why is it that so many of us suffer through a cluttered living situation? It's easy, of course, to blame a busy life or (just perhaps) our housemates and family. But the truth is that most people simply find it difficult to maintain an organised home if they don't have the right set up. So, today, we present 8 tricks to organise your home—and keep it that way!

1. Set aside a day

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Set aside a good chunk of uninterrupted time to reorganise the home. This will involve emptying out the temporary containers and giving yourself time to attack those clutter hotspots. Organising and sifting through personal objects can be surprisingly emotionally exhausting too. So give yourself that space and build-in time for little breaks. But avoid anything that takes you out of the living room and into the outside world!

2. Compile a list of clutter hotspots and general to-do items

Use a piece of paper and pen, then go through your home room by room and make a list of clutter hotspots and messy areas. Many people find it helpful to avoid electronic devices because it's all so easy to edit your list and lose direction. This is a project that can easily feel overwhelming and get out of control. Strong boundaries around a concise physical list will help make the task more manageable and achievable. 

3. Make a list of outdated or useless items and sell!

Often we hold onto outdated or useless items because of the financial investment. Try to accept what no longer adds value to the home, then recoup as much of the money as possible by listing it for sale on online websites. If no one is interested, offer it for free.

4. Create a box of sentimental things

In the process of clearing out your old junk, you're likely to come across an eclectic and sometimes bizarre collection of sentimental old items. Buy a beautiful box and simply store them all together. Perhaps you could even create a display collection on the wall. Whatever your preference, it's best to avoid sprinkling objects from the collection all over the house. That will only make it feel messy and cluttered.

5. Go paperless

No matter how much we rely on digital devices, there's an inevitable pile of papers in almost every home. Photograph, scan and then store only the most essential documents. Then throw everything else out. This should include old receipts that can easily be scanned and loaded onto apps for tax purposes.

6. Find a place for everything

Note what items tend to get lost and float around the home. Perhaps you need a dedicated place to store your house keys, maybe there needs to be a spot for the remote control or a collection of photos. 

7. Create great holding containers

During your search for a spot for everything, you may have discovered that the storage is inadequate. It's far too easy to chide yourself for clutter. But clutter hotspots aren't simply a sign of laziness, these are signs showing where your holding containers and storage systems should be located. The secret is to build in easy to access storage in the areas where we naturally move from one task to the other.

8. Leave empty areas

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Your home will feel far more organised and creative if there is lots of free space. This kind of look and feel can easily be created in even the smallest home. All you need to do is cut your clutter down to the minimum and leave a few open shelves empty. This will add the final magical touch!

Organising your home often makes many of us appreciate the benefits of a calm interior, for more inspiration along these lines, check out 8 easy ways to make your Singapore home more Zen.

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