20 small gardens that you can create in a little corner of your house

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Greice Peralta Tropical style garden
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Today we will bring you some ideas that will inspire you to create a small green space in your home, either indoors or outdoors. With all of these options we bring to you today, there is no excuse not to have a gorgeous small garden! Not only are they beautiful ideas, but they are designs that can be done quickly and without investing a lot of money. 

All these proposals are projects by registered professionals on homify from around the world who share our ideal to have a small garden in our home, and if you need any help, you can find an expert near you right here on the site. Now, let's waste no further time and dive into this pool of creativity!

1. Touch of the exotic

Integrating some tropical or exotic elements can bring liveliness without the need for multiple additional features.

2. Wood and stone

This is a stunning material combination. To add a bit of cosiness, you can also include some clay pots.

3. Living wall

A green wall or living wall is just the thing you need to liven up your patio. You can always add elements such as this wooden bench and clay pots to make the space homier.

Go take a look at the benefits of a living wall, you won't be disappointed!

4. Keep it simple

Pick plants which are easy to care for, and soil which is not seen with the help of gravel and stones.

5. Play

Play with the spaces where you will add plants. Use wooden railings, walls and doors.

6. Decoration

Mosaics will bring a great deal of beauty to your little garden.

7. Exploit space

Take advantage of the space available to you, in this case, under the stairs.

8. Original containers

Seed herbs and spices in interesting pots – let your imagination run wild!

9. Pathway

Use a wooden deck to chart a pathway amongst stones.

10. Colour galore

Contrast the colour of plants with pots and walls.

11. Vertical garden

All you need is a few palm leaves, exotic flowers and some wooden logs.

13. Wood is your ally

Wood will bring warmth and charm to any corner.

14. Be creative

If you have an empty hallway, be creative and turn it into a garden!

15. Artistic

Add a sculpture to your garden for more aesthetic appeal.

16. Integration

Place plants near doors so that it can be appreciated from the inside or out.

17. Brighten up

Use interesting lamps to give the garden space a glow.

18. Desert rose

A garden of succulents needs very little maintenance and always looks good.

19. Frame it

Another creative way to bring some greenery to any space.

20. Importance of lighting

Don't forget the impact you can make with some strategic lighting!

Original article by Izelle du Pisanie.

Which of these small garden ideas is your favourite?

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