10 ways to style up your indoor garden

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Plant-lovers know that indoor greenery adds a huge sense of life and vivacity to the home. But what's the difference between ordinary old houseplants and an indoor garden? Well, it's all about styling up your approach. Perhaps you have one big, beautiful plant, lots of tiny ones or a whole collection of little cacti to display. Whatever your situation, there's certainly a creative way to bring your indoor garden up a style-notch or two. For inspiration, come with us to check out 10 ways to style up your indoor garden. Enjoy!

1. Accessorise with nature

Old branches and sticks can be used to hang, prop and generally add a little more wildness to your display. This hanging garden works so well because it's composed of a random collection of different plant species too.

2. Think big!

This fabulous tree-shaped ceramic pot inspires us to think big! If you can't imagine using an oversized pot, consider using a small tree. 

3. A plant stand

Get a plant stand and create a beautiful collection of houseplants. Asymmetrical arrangements are best because they mimic the random quality of natural lines.

4. Hang a houseplant collection on the wall

Even the smallest home can have a little urban garden with a wall display like this. It might even contain herbs that you can use in the kitchen too. This kind of wall display also looks great with plants that have long draping tendrils.

5. Colour coordination

Ceramic, plastic or even brass pots are a huge opportunity to dazzle with an indoor garden. To make a style statement, create a whole collection and set it against a similarly coloured wall like this.

6. Indulge in whimsical garden accessories

Urban gardens have become really popular as more and more people are living in apartments. This means there's a huge range of whimsical and playful plant accessories available in online shops.

7. Dress up the dining table

The dining table is often a great place to make a little indoor garden. All you need are mini glasshouses or some gorgeous terrariums.

8. Dedicated grow lights

Inadequate light is often a prime challenge when it comes to the indoor garden. But with some dedicated grow lights you'll soon have healthy thriving plants in the most dimly corner. 

9. Hanging plants

Hanging plants can be a wonderful way to turn a few houseplants into a really cool indoor garden. There are lots of new hanging containers with self watering solutions that will make maintenance a breeze.

10. A feature over the dining table

This gorgeous indoor garden is certainly one of our favourites. It has a hanging rack with great little glass containers. This is a really nice way to display flowering plants on special occasions when you want to dress up the dining room too.

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Which of these indoors gardens is your favourite?

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