9 household items you can easily upcycle

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We live in a throwaway society; a world where something is tossed and trashed as soon as it is deemed old or worthwhile. Unfortunately, this comes as a heavy cost to the environment, which bears the burden of lifetimes of landfill related waste. The good news is, we don’t have to throw away everything, and opt for the fastest and quickest replacement. Instead of throwing things away, we can reuse, repurpose and upcycle.

If you're like us, you probably have a load of old, ‘useless’ domestic miscellany hanging around the house. These items can be given a new lease on life, in addition to helping the environment and saving you money. Check them out below, and next time you go to throw out a household item, think twice!

1. Old vintage mirrors

St Johns Avenue Flower Michelin Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Flower Michelin

St Johns Avenue

Flower Michelin

Almost everyone we know has an old mirror lying in their home somewhere. These are often dowdy and unattractive, offering nothing more than clutter to an already jam-packed dwelling. Upcycle these mirrors with a fresh coat of paint and transition them to the main room of your home. We love the bright, white hue that has been added to this vintage freestanding mirror above!

2. Timber crates

Timber crates have had a resurgence in popularity lately, and these days they are a chic and uber-trendy accessory for your home. So, instead of letting them get thrown away, pick up some wooden crates and turn them into a new domestic feature. 

We love timber crates repurposed as bookshelves, coffee tables, and even as a stylish vintage holder for your equally trendy vinyl records. 

3. Wooden pallets

Along the same lines as timber crates, wooden pallets are great throwaway items to save and reuse. Whether you have received some pallets after you've bought something, or have simply seen some left in the street, they can be turned into coffee tables, vertical gardens and much, much more!

4. Old pillows and floor cushions

Old pillows and floor cushions often become shabby and unusable over time. However, they needn't go to waste. Show your furry friends that you care by fashioning a new bed or mattress for their sleeping space from your old pillows. You might sew a few together, or simply recover them in a more hard-wearing fabric. Your pets will love you, and you will have saved some money too.

5. Bathroom linen

Bath sheet Grand Hôtel Bleuet Inversé Créations Jean-Vier BathroomTextiles & accessories
Créations Jean-Vier

Bath sheet Grand Hôtel Bleuet Inversé

Créations Jean-Vier

Old bath towels ruin the sleek aesthetic of your wash space, but thankfully can be easily upcycled. If you have a Swiffer mop, or a similar cleaning instrument that requires pads, you're in luck! Cut your old towels into strips, attach some Velcro, and away you go with your inexpensive sweeping and mopping tool.

6. Metal barrels

Old metal barrels can be stylishly repurposed to offer your home a new and exciting feature. I have seen these barrels turned into wonderful slow-cook rotisseries, but this is often a little inconvenient for apartment life. An alternative is to create a stylish bar such as the example above. Take some cues from this design and get started on a neat weekend DIY!

7. Tin cans

Tin cans can be repurposed as pencil holders, toothbrush holders, but also look great as light fittings. Add an industrial edge to your home with a tin can light fitting today!

8. Hessian sacks

Hessian sacks make great floor cushions and can also be used to create small stools and seats. Only basic sewing is required, and you will have a stylish place to rest, relax and rejuvenate. 

9. Skateboards and sporting equipment

Our last example is a great illustration of ingenuity and innovation. Here a snowboard has been repurposed as a kitchen shelf, adding playfulness and style to the kitchen. Look at utilising old skateboards, skis or other sporting items, and update your kitchen with pizzazz. 

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Do you know of any additional items that can be repurposed or upcycled? 

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