How a dream home was built from nothing

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ALEXANDER ZHIDKOV ARCHITECT Scandinavian style houses
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Surrounded by panoramic pine forest views and standing on the strength of concrete monolithic design, this abandoned home was given a modern makeover without compromising its original structural tenets. The talented team of architects at Aleksandr Zhydkov managed to breathe life into the design of this forgotten warehouse-like home in the trees. Let's take a look at the wonderful transformation to see just how they did it…

​Before: strong foundations

The architects employed meticulous design values when it came to the foundations of the home. Not only were they at pains to ensure that the best materials were used, but they gave the space vertical waterproofing in order to cater to the tropical, rain-heavy climate of the region and prevent dampness and humidity. This could potentially affect the whole home, including the very beams which hold it aloft. The architects have used a pleasing balance of wood and metal to give strength, without making the building too bulky.

​Before: a monolithic facade

Here we see the home as a work in progress, with monolith pillars being erected in all their concrete glory. Yet the dwelling still bore an abandoned look and needed much polishing up as far as the structure and facade were concerned. The L-shaped design would go on to impart some superb modern qualities, as planned by the architects.

​After: cladding the facade in timber

The architects set about their work by installing plasterboard blocks and wall insulation. These were then clad with textured wooden slats, bringing out distinct hues of brown. The best part of this technique is the way the natural wood tones come alive, giving the home a contemporary yet natural appeal.

​After: finishing and roofing

The architects proceeded to clad the facade with geometric pizzazz in dual brown tones. Vertical gutters were also installed, while beams of metal were propped up to hold the structure aloft in an elegant manner.

​After: the finished product

Once the facade was finished and the glass installed for the walls, the space took on a luminescent quality. The well-manicured lawns added to the neat exterior aesthetic, with the overall design blending both modern and Scandinavian elements. The defining components of the build remain the chic brown palette and stone-finished linear angles running throughout the facade.

​After: neat Nordic vibes

Cocooned by glass, the home’s interior design also reflects the neat Scandinavian elements found in the facade. The beige sofa is dotted with colourful cushions and a slim metal coffee tables sits in front. The acrylic swing with its green cushion is a futuristic addition, while the picnic-style dining table can be seen serenely in the distance. The expansive look of the space is thanks to the pale-hued flooring and spectacular walls of glass. 

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