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On today's 360°, we explore a home in Brussels, Belgium that is truly unique and almost borders on the avant garde. The erstwhile townhouse once had charm, but by the time the new owners got a hold of it, it had long lived out its best days and now was in desperate need of modernisation. And so, the 313sqm area recently underwent a renovation project, which focused on opening up the compact building and making way for lots of natural light. 

The renovation was undertaken by the architecture firm Planomatic who have managed to retain many of the building's historical features while making it more suitable for modern living. It takes creativity to pull off something like that, and these guys have done a fantastic job of it. Let's take a look. 

Symmetrical minimalism

With its cool, grey facade, the building immediately stands out from its neighbours: it is contemporary and clean. Here, in the back portion of the house we can see the renovations undertaken by the architects. One of the biggest changes were the windows, which were made larger to allow light to filter into the previously dark space. With doors opening out to the backyard on all levels of the house, the architects also ensured that there was easy access as well as a seamless transition to the outdoors. 

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Picture perfect

Obviously, this is not what a historical townhouse looks or looked like, so you can guess already that there were significant renovations done in the interiors in order to modernise them and make it more suitable for the family now living here. 

The ground floor was completely opened up, tearing down walls and partitions, in order to make way for one large space where the living area, dining table, kitchen and even study are integrated. Thanks to the large windows, crisp white walls and high ceilings, you immediately get a sense of airiness.

Unity in division

This unique living room has many things going for it. For starters, it has direct access to the terrace. Second, even though the architects adopted an open-plan layout, by placing the seating for the living room within a niche, it reaps the benefits of being a room on its own without being walled in. 

This little corner has been given its own special features: those gorgeous blue walls, a low ceiling and cosy ambient lighting. The furniture is kept contemporary and comfortable.

Funky corridor spaces

We love this simple yet striking entryway. Often, one bold detail can completely alter the appearance of a space. Here, that role is taken up the eye-catching (almost trippy!) black-and-white geometric tiles that stand in stark contrast to the crisp-white walls. The high ceilings and white walls lends not just a sense of spaciousness but also sophistication. Contemporary and classiness go hand-in-hand here. 

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Bright, minimal bedrooms

Finally we come to the top floor, the attic space where this serene little bedroom is nestled away. Unlike the ground floor where darker wood was used or the corridor with the tiles, the floor panels here are made of light wood. Flooring such as this is often seen in Nordic homes where lighter, brighter colours are essential in order to allow light to reflect off of its surfaces, keeping the room well-lit (hopefully even in those bleak winter months!). This gorgeous, minimalist bedroom though is sure to keep the owners happy.

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What did you think of this beautifully modernised townhouse? 

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