Why this seriously small apartment feels huge

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Carolina Mendonça Projetos de Arquitetura e Interiores LTDA Modern style bedroom
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Designing a small apartment almost universally involves working out how to make a small space feel bright and roomy. The usual advice on using mirrors and a light colour scheme is probably quite familiar to most of our readers. But it's rare to find a project that really encapsulates all the advice into one ideal little apartment. So today, it's our pleasure to present a little apartment that comes to us courtesy of architect Carolina Mendonca. The apartment is located in sunny Rio de Janeiro and it presents all the bright modernism with a hint of exuberance you might expect from a Latin American architect. Let's check out all the details and go on a photo tour…

Bespoke fittings

Small homes often require customised fittings and combined living and dining room shows just how it's done. The built-in cabinetry runs right from floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall. The cabinetry is also white and blends seamlessly into the almost all-white decor. This helps our eye move seamlessly throughout the space without snagging on broken lines of sight. In addition, the dining table is made from transparent glass and this helps make the dining area appear larger. Finally, note the mirrored wall on the right. It has been cleverly placed to reflect the light from the opposing window. This increases the amount of light in the room and further expands our sense of space.

Small yet serene living room

The small living room has been arranged along two parallel lines. This helps keep the central passageway clear and means that the occupants won't need to move around items of furniture as they move throughout the space. This is very important when it comes to creating a sense of ease and spaciousness in a small home. The light grey sofa also blends into the light decor and helps retain that sense of space. Also, note the built-in cabinetry on the right. It's white, seamless and very functional. But it also has just enough variation in the wood to remain interesting. Finally, see how the white curtain runs past the window to reach the ceiling. This makes it appear more generously proportioned.

Mini kitchen hutch

The corners of a small home are often underutilised. But here, we can see how a corner can be used to add a little luxury to a small home. The fantastic little mini kitchen hutch is used as a drinks, coffee and tea making area. It's a small touch but one that has a large impact on the look and feel of abundance in the home. Also, it's certainly an advantage when you consider the logistics of entertaining multiple guests in a small home.

Striking black kitchen

The striking back kitchen has that hint of glamour we often see in modern Brazilian homes. It's a nice shift from the all-white decor and goes to show that there are no strict rules when it comes to decorating a small home. Note how the wall space has been very effectively utilised. It runs all the way up to the ceiling and provides lots of valuable storage space. It also frees up the middle wall space a little and helps avoid that over-built up look that sometimes makes little kitchens feel small and claustrophobic.

Small bedroom with good use of mirrors

The small bedroom really has an ideal combination of elements. It almost looks like a Scandinavian style bedroom with all that pale wood. This definitely works to create a sense of light and cosy homeliness. But the real stunner here is the wall mirror. It starts at the wooden headboard and runs all the way to the ceiling. It definitely doubles the sense of space in the bedroom. Also, check out the wall mounted bedside lamps. They don't take up any floor space at all.

Smart small bathroom design

The small bathroom really ticks all the boxes when it comes to smart small bathroom design. The cabinets are white, run right from wall to wall and they are slightly suspended to create a sense of spaciousness. The mirror is also large and reflects the light from an open window. Some readers might even catch a glimpse of the cute wall mounted boxes above the toilet. They certainly make the most of that small bathroom space!

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What's your favourite element in this little apartment?

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