A drab home's seriously stylish makeover

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株式会社リボーンキューブ Modern living room
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The restoration and renovation artists from Reborn Cube Limited did a praiseworthy job in transforming an uninhabitable, gloomy house into a cosy yet open, simple yet contemporary home. To check out how this old house, without a proper layout, has been radiantly revamped into a modern apartment with airy and bright rooms, take a look through this incredible makeover tour! You're sure to be inspired…

Before: thoroughly dingy and depressing

The main living space had a seriously dingy look, primarily due to its dark walls and the lack of proper lighting here. Although there was a courtyard right outside the glass doors, this could not contribute much in terms of natural light because the space was hemmed in by walls on three sides.

After: complete metamorphosis

The space is now a complete joy to spend time in. Not only have the designers managed to bring out the vast expanse of space by knocking down unnecessary impediments and walls, they've also added robust elements in good balance and with delicate touches. The end table and its whimsical chair make this the ideal spot where one can sit and write a new story or tune. This has been tucked right under a beautiful open wooden staircase. The beams overhead give the sense of a double-height space, with the windows adding plenty of natural light. 

Before: bland and bare

Previously, this space left an insipid mark with its washed-out colours and gloomy ambience. Help was needed to bring out its potential.

After: simple vintage touches

The bland went right out of the proverbial window, while the actual window was further extended to reach the end of the wall. In the meantime, a dusky purple couch and vintage gramophone were added along with an open shelf for a clean yet raw look. The dreamy colours of this reformed space indeed add a subtle vibrancy.

Before: closed and suffocating

Previously, the kitchen was a claustrophobic space with its heavy wooden environs and outdated white cabinetry. A change was required.

After: industrial chic in the kitchen

The new kitchen brings in plenty of interesting touches including an open layout as well as an urban rustic feel. The sleek chrome-based fittings sit surprisingly well with the raw wooden counters for a unique look. Open shelves make the space look larger and more welcoming now.

Before: cramped and uninspiring

This room, too, required a transformation so that its dark quarters could make way for an airier setting. The heavy wooden surroundings made this a very depressing room.

After: a classic lodge-like look

Post renovation, the living room resembles a typical hunting lodge. Classic leather furniture sits atop a green moss-like carpet—just the spot for some tea with friends! The vintage-style wall clock and protruding pillars add to the grandeur of the drawing room. 

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What do you think of the simple vintage-style touches in this new home?

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