8 clever ways to use the awkward spaces in your home

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We all have them in our homes—awkward nooks, crannies, crevices and corners. Apart from the obvious design and decorating issues associated with a difficult floor plan, these small spaces can commonly create challenges and require innovative, creative thinking to overcome issues. Awkward spaces are unquestionably one of the most common design challenges a home renovator may face, and luckily due to this there are plenty of solutions. 

Whether you realise it or not, most of us have an awkward space in our home—an irregular recess, an obstinate angle, or a peculiar junction, and more often than not, we find it problematic to deal with. With the rise in population, and the increasingly reduced home floor plan, it is essential to utilise and manage your home’s layout with modernisation and ingenuity.

Today on homify we are taking a look at some homes that make the most of their small and awkward spaces. These dwellings utilise clever storage systems, cupboards and generally embrace their tiny size. See if you can pick up a few ideas by checking out the homes below…

1. Built-in wall partition storage

Living in an apartment often means dealing with limited space, and limited options regarding the style and floor plan of your home. However, there are plenty of ways your compact dwelling can still offer functionality, practicality and liveability. This home is one such successful example. 

Here we see the walls of the home have been added to divide different spaces within the one-room abode. This has allowed designers to add storage and shelving, which would normally have gone to waste. However, these walls have created an odd space underneath the windows. Luckily, this is the ideal area for a cosy daybed style seat, which imparts a cosy and comfortable vibe. 

2. Open shelving

Natural Geometry HYLA Architects Modern houses
HYLA Architects

Natural Geometry

HYLA Architects

The area next to a staircase is often a tricky spot to deal with. Here the usually vacant and often wasted space is utilised to house open shelving, which holds the entertainment system, as well as plenty of areas for books and household appurtenances. 

3. Corner cupboards

Within this bedroom, designers were faced with a challenge. The compact room lacked storage, and only had small corners that were seemingly useless. Thanks to some creative thinking, they were able to implement corner cupboards, which go from floor to ceiling, and even encompass a small workspace. 

4. Under-stair storage

Manhattan Micro-Loft Specht Architects Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Specht Architects

Manhattan Micro-Loft

Specht Architects

Under-stair spaces are notoriously difficult and awkward to deal with. In this instance, the under-stair space has been purposefully employed as a robe area for the bedroom, adding practicality and efficiency. 

5. Space saving beds

There always seems to be a room in the house that just doesn't work. Perhaps it has too few windows, too many windows, or lacks wall space to offer any useful purpose. In this situation, built-in space saving beds are a great option. These modular sleeping spaces are great for children, but could be modified to fit adults within a guest room space. 

6. The slim-line bathroom

The architects of this bathroom have utilised an extremely small space to offer a gorgeous slim-line bath and rain shower. Here the area is tiny, and yet, mirrors expand the perceived space, which offers an increased sense of room to move. 

7. Maximising the above bed wall space

THE LIVIA homify Modern style bedroom



The above bed zone is generally reserved as a vacant space, but can actually be used in a practical and efficient manner. Here it is covered with built-in joinery, which can be used to house bed linen, and other domestic necessities. 

8. The petulant pantry problem solved!

Lastly, we arrive in the kitchen. In my opinion, the pantry has to be on of the most awkward areas to keep organised and tidy. Even with a modern cooking space, the pantry tends to accumulate mess, and generally works in a less than efficient manner. Employing suitable cupboard tidies, drawers and organisational systems can really help in the long run, and will ensure your pantry is chaos free, and wonderfully usable. 

Do you think any of these solutions would work in your abode? If you would like to learn more about interior design, we recommend you check out: 8 clever storage solutions for small homes

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