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Today on homify we’re cooking up a storm. We’ve gathered a range of different décor ideas for your Singaporean kitchen, all of which are sure to impress, enlighten and excite. You might ask—why do we constantly focus a great deal of our attention on the kitchen? The kitchen is a requisite hub of one’s home. It is the centre of the action, and a socialising space for family members or roommates. For this reason, concentrating on the cooking space is crucial to ensuring the household and residence runs smoothly, efficiently and, of course, enjoyably.

A kitchen renovation is often the go-to refurbishment project that can totally rejuvenate the look and feel of a home. But where should you start? These days there are plenty of different options, stylistic finishes, fittings and fixtures; it can often be tricky knowing where to begin. To get you on the path to gastronomic glory, we have 9 kitchen examples that are sure to motivate and enthuse. Create your culinary nirvana, your Shangri-La, and your kitchen utopia by checking them out below and planning your makeover today!

1. The eye-catching, chic and unforgettable kitchen

This kitchen is the crème de la crème of cooking spaces. Opting for a sleek style and dark contrasting joinery, the overhanging exhaust fans create a chef's kitchen aesthetic, which is lavish and truly inviting. 

2. The awkwardly-shaped kitchen

If you have an awkward area to work with, you should check out this kitchen. Making the most of its space, the designers have opted for wall shelving, minimalist joinery and a subdued colour scheme to impart a sense of refinement. 

3. The minimalist, all-white luxury kitchen

Bridge Over Water HYLA Architects Modern kitchen
HYLA Architects

Bridge Over Water

HYLA Architects

Timeless and classic, this next kitchen makes the most of an all-white colour scheme to create a simple yet highly effective (and opulent) cooking area. 

4. The age-defiance of Scandinavian style

Nordic style works with a sense of functionality, simplicity and practicality to create an age-defiant blend of different aesthetics. In this kitchen, the timber joinery works beautifully with the white-tiled splashback, fitting-free cupboards, and general light-filled ambience. 

5. The creative and attention-grabbing cooking space

Thinking a little outside the box, the designers have opted for a chalkboard splashback, which coordinates with the dark countertops and contrasts the white joinery. Simple yet extremely effective, this cooking space is sure to impress. 

6. The 'I have no space for a kitchen' kitchen

In this next kitchen we see that the designers have had to work with an extremely limited space. With virtually no room for a kitchen at all, they have managed to hide the space behind cupboard doors, and still implement full-size appliances.

7. The communal, family hub

As the kitchen is the hub of the home, it's important to create a welcoming and enjoyable space for everyone. This cooking area boasts a central table with seats for the whole family, while the industrial scheme is edgy and on-trend. 

8. The slim-line galley kitchen

A galley kitchen is a great solution to a slim and linear cooking space. Here we see a great example and demonstration of how to use a thin corridor to create a substantial eating and cooking space. Sleek and still characterful, this room is definitely a timeless and successful design. 

9. The one-wall kitchen

Finally, we peek inside a kitchen that has utilised one single wall to position itself as a space-saving and efficient cooking area. With floor to ceiling cupboards, storage is maximised, while there is still enough room for a casual and informal dining room. 

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Which of these lovely kitchens is your favourite?

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